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Important purchase information

  • Key plan features
    •  24/7 emergency assistance and up to $50,000 for medical & dental emergencies
    •  Up to $1,000 to cover unplanned accommodation, meals and transportation (sublimits apply)
    •  Up to $500 for your baggage & personal effects (sublimits apply)
    •  Up to 100% of the trip cost for covered cancellation & interruption
    •  Up to $50,000 in rental car damage or theft
  • Read the FAQs

    Q. Can my travel companions and I be covered on the same plan? A. Yes. However, note that some benefits are subject to policy maximums. If there are more than 10 travelers, or if you need additional coverage limits, we recommend purchasing additional policies. If the total trip cost is not equally shared by travelers, you may want to consider purchasing different policies.

    Q. When is the latest I can buy Travel Insurance? A. You can purchase Travel Insurance up to the day of your departure.

    Q. How often can I travel on my Frequent Traveler plan? A. The plan lasts for a complete 12 months, and you can take as many trips as you wish within that timeframe.

    See all FAQs >

  • The fine print

    Key exclusions & conditions

    • Coverages and services differ between plans. Please review plan specifics carefully
    • All cancellations must be reported within 72 hours of the event causing them
    • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered

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"I am satisfied with the coverage... and will enjoy my trip with that peace of mind. The pricing for the coverage cannot be beat!"
Beverly D.
"I shopped around and Protect Your Bubble offered the best protection and the lowest cost – hard to beat that."
"The entire process was quite simple... Unfortunately I had to cancel the trip, but cancellation was also a breeze and they refunded immediately."
Brian R.
"I like the price and the fact that it is multi trip for an extended period. That made the price even more attractive compared to other insurance providers."
Hiram R.

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