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What to know before you buy

Key exclusions & conditions

Your phone must be fewer than 3 years old to be covered.
The deductible for iPhones and other smartphones is $50. The deductible for Samsung touch-screen phones is $150.
After you buy, there is a 14-day waiting period before protection begins. You won't be able to claim during this time.
"Very easy! Much better experience than dealing with the insurance through the phone carrier... I would highly recommend! "
"Great service! Would recommend it to anyone with a smart phone. "
Luis G.
"So far, I'm very satisfied with Protect Your Bubble! Very easy to get your devices covered with a great protection plan!"
"About 40% less cost for insurance on 2 phones than our provider was offering us ...adds up over a year!"

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How to claim

Log in to your account before calling us to make sure you're fully prepped to file your claim.
Call us toll-free at 1-855-792-2355 (within 30 days of the covered damage occurring) to speak with a service representative.
Provide the rep with the details of your claim – they’ll let you know if any further info or documentation is needed.
A decision should be made on your claim by the next business day.2
Pay your deductible, sit tight and let our speedy claims process do its thing!
Once you’ve gotten your replacement, mail your damaged phone to us using the pre-paid shipping label we’ve provided.
Log in to your account before calling us to make sure you're fully prepped to file your claim.


What is a Protection Plan?
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Your phones, tablets, appliances and other electronics are often long-term investments, and can be very expensive and inconvenient to repair. Our extended warranty* Protection Plans are an affordable and easy way to protect them in case of everyday accidental damage (like drops, spills and cracked screens) and mechanical breakdowns (after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired). Because it's pretty unlikely that you'd be able to drop and damage your fridge or oven, our Appliance Protection Plans only cover mechanical breakdown (after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired). 

Our plans are flexible, too – you can customize your coverage as often as you like by adding and dropping devices from your plan online, 24/7. 

Aren't my devices already covered under my manufacturer’s warranty?
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In most instances, your products are covered under your manufacturer's original warranty for a period of 12 months. However, these warranties don't cover accidental damage – like drops and spills – or provide other extras like power surge protection. Plus, once your manufacturer's warranty runs out, you're not protected against problems like mechanical or electrical failures that occur during normal use. With our Protection Plans, you can stay protected for all of these issues for up to three years (depending on when you signed up for protection for that device).

We'll refer you to your manufacturer for items they cover as long as their warranty is still in effect. You'll be protected against items they don't cover 14 days after you purchase an extended warranty with us. Get started with a quote now.

I have multiple items I want to protect. Can I cover them all?
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Yes! In fact, that's what our program is set up for – covering all the important devices and appliances in your home. We want you protect multiple devices so badly that we'll give you $1 off your monthly premium for the second device you add, and $2 off the premium for every additional device after that. And you won't have to sift through tons of paperwork to keep track of all the devices you protect – they'll all be covered under one protection plan, for one monthly bill. And you'll be able to manage them all in one place online.

If you've already covered a device with us under a Protection Plan, simply log on to add a device. It only takes a few clicks to add, and we automatically update your monthly bill. Your new device's first month's premium will be prorated to account for the remaining days in your current billing cycle.

Am I allowed to transfer my Protection Plan to another person?
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No. Because your plan is paid for monthly, and is tied specifically to you and your credit card, it is not transferrable. However, if your device is less than 3 years old, another person can open a new Protection Plan and protect it until it reaches its third birthday.

What isn't covered?
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We don’t cover:

  • Cosmetic damage that doesn't affect the functionality of your device (cracked screens on phones and tablets do, which is why they're covered)
  • Pre-existing damage 
  • Intentional damage
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns that occur during the manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Theft and mysterious disappearance (loss)

For a full list of exclusions and conditions, see the plan terms and conditions.

What happens after my claim is approved?
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Once your claim is approved, your claim will be fulfilled using one of the following three options (varies by device type):

  • *Our Next Day Claims Resolution Guarantee provides assurance that if your claim is submitted by 8p.m. EST that a decision will be made on your claim by the following business day. If we do not meet these requirements for your claim, email us with your name, policy number and claim number.
  • In-home service – We will contact you within 24 hours of your claim's approval to schedule your in-home repair service as quickly as possible.
  • Depot repair – We will send a package with prepaid shipping and packaging for your device. We will guarantee shipment of your repaired device within 5 business days of receipt at our repair facility.
What should I do if my replacement device is different from my original one?
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If you receive a replacement device and it is different from the device you originally protected, log into My Bubble to update your account. In some cases, you will need to cancel the old device and add your new device to the plan. If there are no changes to your plan, we'll assume that your replacement device is the same model as your old one.

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More about
Smartphone Protection

Your smartphone is probably a big player in your daily life – helping you stay in touch, stay entertained and stay on top of your schedule and bills. And they're not cheap, either; even if you buy your phone as part of a plan, it can be an expensive purchase. With all that in mind, it seems like a pretty big gamble to leave your smartphone vulnerable, especially if a protection plan is affordable and easy to buy.

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That's the aim of a Smartphone Protection Plan from Protect Your Bubble. Just $5.99 a month can keep your phone protected in case of accidental damage, liquid damage and mechanical breakdowns – and you can buy it online in less than two minutes from your computer, phone or tablet.

You'll also gain peace of mind knowing that if something unexpected happens – like getting pushed into the pool with your phone in your pocket, dropping it onto a hard surface or the screen suddenly going blank – you're covered. And with deductibles for most phones clocking in at only $50,3 you won't be paying an arm and a leg to get your phone replaced if something bad happens.

Even better? There's no limit to how many times you can claim on your plan, and we'll make a decision on your claim by the next business day.2 Add unlimited replacements to the list, and the pros of getting a Smartphone Protection Plan speak for themselves. 

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