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You live the renter life and you love it! Sometimes funny (and not-so-funny) stuff happens in your home when you least expect it.


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  • Kristen F

    “I can’t hear you”
    I have rented apartments at two different times in my life. Both of times overall were great experiences. One of the worst problems things about renting wasn’t the propriety itself but the neighbors. I had one in particular that was excessively loud on severals occasions. That living arrangement didn’t last long but it left a lasting impact on my hearing.

  • Kristen

    Crying Infant

    The hardest part for me about renting, was being able to hear my neighbors and knowing they could hear us too. I had a 10 month old son, and I knew it was high time he learned to sleep the whole night in his own room. Hearing him cry tore my heart out, and I knew my neighbors were being disturbed too. This made for extremely exhausting and stressful nights that seemed to never end.

  • Riki D.

    “Hooray, it’s not an intruder”

    I was just 20 years old when I was a first time renter. I was sitting in my apartment one afternoon and there’s a knock on my door. I didn’t know anyone in the city so I didn’t answer it (and I may have ran into my shower to hide). After a quick knock I hear someone fiddling with the handle and I started freaking out! I didn’t have my cell phone with me and I just decided to stay in the shower quietly shaking and fearing the worst. A few seconds later the intruder was in, but instead of grabbing my TV he shouted, “Maintenance!” and I let out a huge sigh of relief. I came out of the bathroom and greeted my would-be-intruder with a hello and then explained how the ceiling fan was not working. I was so glad he was there to help! I sure would have appreciated the “maintenance” yell from the outside the door, but I may never have heard it over my mind racing and heart going crazy while hiding in the shower anyway.

  • Song K

    “A Bumpy Situation”
    My family and I love to go on long vacations. We’ve been to the Bahamas and Hawaii and tons of gorgeous places. Well, this one time we decided to go to Europe and we rented this beautiful place that we shared with a couple of people. We had a neighbor who loved to make tons of noise, I felt like the walls were constantly shaking (like an earthquake). My boys made the most out of the situation and would just pretend that they were preparing for an earthquake. Well, it turns out that we ended up going through an earthquake without even knowing it! Everything felt normal (no different from when my neighbor was there). It was just a crazy experience but definitely a memorable one.

  • Rhonda

    Kissing Bug

    I was living in an apartment for 2 years. During the last month, we noticed a monstrous flying bug. It was driving us nuts. We couldn’t catch it!

    We took a picture at the first opportunity so that we could google the type of bug and hopefully learn about ways to trap it. We learned that the bug was called an Assassin Beatle, or a Kissing Bug. These nicknames are due to its tendency to bite on the lips and leave you in incredible pain.

    We literally moved out. We only had a month to go and we saw no reason to stay!

    Months later, a news story on Assassin Beatles surfaced. Apparently they predominantly live in Nicaragua. Coincidence that my neighbour at the time just moved there from Nicaragua? I think she may have brought it, or eggs, with her.

    Luckily, we never got bit. I told my landlord about it when we left. Hopefully he didn’t get bit either!

  • Adam

    I was working as an intern in New Orleans in the summer of 2005. I was only supposed to be there for four months. I was renting a room in a two bedroom condo and figured I didn’t need any renter’s insurance.
    That August, three weeks before my internship was supposed to end, I had to evacuate town because of a hurricane. Turns out that the hurricane destroyed the entire city. When I returned to get my things a few weeks later, everything that wasn’t ruined by the storm had been stolen by looters and thieves. Because I was an “intern”, I wasn’t legally a “resident” and FEMA had no obligation to help me replace my stuff. And I was stupid enough not to have any renter’s insurance….OOPS.