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Why worry about water damage liability when you can get renters insurance?

It’s a sub-zero winter snap. You take every precaution, but still the pipes freeze and crack. The good news is that your rental unit and personal property survives.  However, what happens if the water flow leaks into a neighbor’s unit or damages a neighbor’s property?  You may be liable.

It’s not beyond belief that at least one of those things could happen to you.

And a water disaster could leave you with thousands of dollars of liability if it impacts the property of others.

So, if you’re renting, you should think about protecting yourself with renters insurance. Renters Insurance from Protect Your Bubble comes standard with personal liability coverage for water damage** – and you can add options to cover other forms of damage too.

So, just what does a rental insurance policy cover when it comes to damage caused by water?

  • Damage from sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning, or bulging of a steam or hot water heating system, an appliance for heating water, or an air conditioning system
  • Damage caused by accidental leakage or overflow of water or steam from within a heating, air conditioning, or plumbing system
  • Damage caused by freezing of plumbing, heating, or air conditioning systems

Remember, while your insurance covers you for liabilities caused by all of these problems it doesn’t cover you for flood damage or for sewage backups, drain backups, or seepage. The good news is you may purchase additional coverage to protect yourself from these too and add it to your policy.

Water can really wreck an apartment – carpets can be ruined, floor tiles may be destroyed and, plaster ceilings may fall in. Don’t rent without personal liability protection. 

With great value and great coverage available in minutes from Protect Your Bubble, what’s not to like about our renters insurance?

See your policy for specific coverage details.

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