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The Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home

With the number of home burglaries on the rise in many communities, people today are spending more on protecting their valuables by purchasing alarm systems, bars for the windows, security locks and other items as well. However, the security on the outside of your home is only the first layer of protection.

In addition to purchasing renters insurance, hiding your valuable items inside the home can further protect them, but they need to be in places that thieves normally would not look. This is because most burglars do not have the time to look around the home, so hiding your items in places they normally would not look can help keep them safe. What follows are five places in the home that can help protect your valuables from burglars


Most burglars do not think of the refrigerator as a place where you would keep valuable items other than the food you may serve for dinner. You can place items in innocuous boxes, such as baking soda for example, or keep them safe in the freezer where you place the meat. In any case, as long as the box you store your valuables in looks like part of what someone would normally find in a fridge, then your items will be protected.

Floor Safe

This is the standard option for many homes. It does cost a considerable amount of money to purchase and install a floor safe. Plus, even disguised or camouflaged floor safes are fairly easy for thieves to find. However, getting into a well made floor safe is very time consuming and difficult for thieves unless they had the foresight to bring a number of powerful, heavy tools. For the most part, thieves are not so well armed when they break into the home.

False Electrical Outlet

This is one of the better hiding places since it is in plain sight, yet every thief overlooks a wall outlet as a potential place for hiding items. You can purchase a false electrical outlet rather inexpensively, but having one installed means using an outlet that is cut off by an electrician. However, it is almost certainly worth the expense since wall outlets tend to blend into each other, they made great hiding places for extra money, small jewelry and other valuable items.

False Bottom Trash Cans

The trash may be the last place anyone looks since no one wants to go through old coffee grounds and banana peels looking for valuables. You can store your valuables in the false bottom of a trash can or under the plastic liner. Either way, your valuables should be safe from all but the most extensive search.

The Hollow Book

While this is straight out of old Hollywood movies, the hollow book is a very effective place to hide valuables if you have a bookshelf with similar books in place.  A lone book stands out too much, but if you have many books, this can be a great place to hide extra money, pictures, and other small valuables and keep them safe from thieves.

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