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7 Reasons To Buy Renters Insurance

Why do I need Renters Insurance?

Asking yourself “Do I need Renters Insurance?” At the end of the day it’s all down to peace of mind. Knowing you - and your money - are protected.

So, here are our 7 super reasons why it pays to buy Renters Insurance from Protect Your Bubble

1. This is pretty important: your landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your personal property, it only covers their building. Just imagine how much it would costs to replace your CDs, DVDs, electronics, clothes, TV and other stuff if they were stolen or damaged. Then just imagine your relief that you’re covered.

2. Imagine this … you’re trying out a new recipe in the kitchen and something goes wrong. There’s a fire that damages not just your apartment and stuff, but your neighbor’s too. You’ve got coverage with renters insurance.  Without it you’d be personally liable for damage to the units and the personal property of others. You may even end up in court being sued by your landlord and neighbor.  Don’t let it happen.

3. Forces of nature can’t be predicted – from hurricanes to earthquakes and tornadoes, the only thing we do know is they’ll happen. It pays to be protected and Protect Your Bubble offers coverage and endorsement options that can help to keep you protected from just about anything nature throws at you.

4. There were over 2 million burglaries in 20111. That's nearly 4 every minute. Everybody is at risk, but student apartments and dorms are popular targets for thieves, since there’s a good chance there will be some high-ticket electronic gadgets there. Take care – and take precautions – like getting coverage.

5. Check your lease: Your landlord may require you to get personal liability insurance before you move in. Many landlords want to protect themselves in case you accidentally damage their unit or their building. If you don’t have insurance, you could be leaving yourself personally liable for big damages.

6. You can get coverage for less than a $1 a day*. That’s an affordable price to pay for peace of mind – and if you ever need to file a claim chances are it will easily have paid for itself.

7. If you buy your Renters Insurance online with Protect Your Bubble – or if it’s a lease requirement to purchase personal liability insurance in some states – you’ll get an automatic discount. Ask for a quote to see how much you could save.

How’s that for some great reasons to buy Renters Insurance? And, if that’s not enough, remember not only do we offer great coverage and great value; you can also get covered in less than 2 minutes!

1-Uniform Crime Reports, FBI, 2011

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