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Rental Car Insurance Coverage Facts

Rental Car Coverage

What makes Protect Your Bubble different?

  • Sit back and enjoy planning your trip knowing Protect Your Bubble provides coverage for rental car damage that can cause hiccups for your well-deserved vacation.
  • Unlike common rental car plans that make you file under your auto policy first, our plan acts as primary damage coverage on your rental car.
  • Even little bumps can result in paying big deductibles; with our coverage there are no deductibles.
  • Whether you got a little too close to the curb, or the distracted driver got a little too close to your bumper we provide $35,000 in maximum damage coverage for your rental car.
  • $500 in maximum limit for Baggage Coverage.
  • Call us at 1-855-PYB-TRIP to help you along the way with other little things as well - whether it's 24/7 Emergency Services like Medical Referral, Legal Referral, Emergency Cash Transfer, Replacement of Medication, and more. We also have our Concierge Services for important little things like setting up tee times or getting tickets to an event.
  • Book anytime prior to picking up your rental car.


Rental Car Damage

Provides up to $35,000 in primary coverage if your rental car is damaged due to collision, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, windstorm or hail.


Provides up to $500 in coverage for loss, theft or damage to your baggage and personal effects during your covered trip.

24/7 Emergency Assistance Service

Services include Medical Referral, Travel Companion Assistance, Emergency Cash Transfer, Legal Referral, Locating Lost, or Stolen Items, Replacement of Medication and Eyeglasses, Embassy and Consular Services, Worldwide Medical/Vaccination Infomation, Translation services, Emergency Message Relay, Pet Return, and Vehicle Return.


Important plan facts

Here are a few key numbers for you to remember about your plan

  • $0

    No deductible.
  • 24
    24 Hour Emergency Assistance Services

You will receive a full refund of your plan cost if your trip is cancelled
prior to the start of your trip.


How to claim and what to expect

  • 1

    Please sign into "MyBubble" and select your travel plan. Click "File a Claim".
  • 2

    Select the appropriate claim form from a list. They have been organized by type of claim.
  • 3
    Print and fill out the claim form completely. Make sure you sign the form. To ensure the quickest processing of your claim, follow claim instructions on the cover page and submit all required documentation.
  • 4

    Email, fax or mail your claim form along with receipts.

    Scan and email claim form along with supporting documentation to

    Fax 858-810-2024

    Mail form to Protect your bubble, PO Box 939057, San Diego, CA 92193

  • 5

    For questions during the claims process, please contact us at 855-PYB-TRIP.
  • 6

    Any benefits due under the plan will be paid within 2 business days of the claim being approved.



Not available to TX residents. Please see individual state policies for details. 

This IS the best travel insurance company we've ever used and we've tried a bunch. Excellent service, great product choices and lots of PROMPT help if ever needed.
- Virginia G.

It happens every time you're at the rental car counter. Just when you think you're ready to go, they spring the question: "Do you want rental car insurance?"

You're often torn. You know it makes sense. You also know it's going to be expensive. Do you take a risk...or take the insurance?

We get it. We know what you're thinking. That's why we created an easier way to get insured. Now, with Protect Your Bubble you can buy affordable, effective, collision damage and theft coverage away from the rental car counter. Best of all, you can get coverage from Protect Your Bubble any time before you leave the rental car counter with your rented vehicle.

It costs just $7.99 per day to get reliable coverage for the cost of repairs if your rental car is damaged or stolen. Better yet, you get primary damage coverage that automatically kicks in without claiming on your personal auto insurance policy for claims covered by Protect Your Bubble Rental Car Insurance.* We challenge you to find affordable rental car coverage like this anywhere else!

  • $35,000 in rental car primary physical damage and theft coverage
  • Reliable coverage anywhere in the world - not just the U.S.
  • Baggage and personal items protection (up to $500)
  • Quick and easy claims processing
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance Service

Come to us before you go away and the next time you feel hassled by those rental car insurance questions at the counter, just smile and say: "Thanks, but no thanks. I've got coverage."


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