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Read: 5 reasons to buy a Protection Plan

Why should you protect your phone or tablet?

Of course, the main reason to buy a Protection Plan is glaringly obvious: it costs a lot to replace your devices if they’re damaged, or if they break down. Network carrier subsidies mean it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that smartphones and tablets aren’t that expensive, but a typical smartphone costs over $500 to replace – that’s a lot of cash to find at short notice.

Bu there are other great reasons – aside from the cost – for getting a Protection Plan from us! Take a look below to find out what they are:

  1. We’re affordable – monthly plans for smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads are just $5.99, and plans for Samsung touch-screen phones are just $6.99 a month. Plus, deductibles on most phones and tablets are a low $50.*
  2. We’ll replace it, fast – we know that smartphones and tablets are central to our lives – that’s why our Protection Plans replace your device fast, with next-day replacement for phones and tablets.2
  3. We have great customer service – on-hand here in the US to answer any questions, help out with claims or give policy information.
  4. We’ll get your claim going with just one call1 – if a covered incident does happen, it’ll only take one call to get your first claim moving, and dedicated service representatives are there to help with every step.
  5. We value your money as much as you do – not only can you cancel your plan at any time, but we won’t charge any cancellation fees, to boot.

One last reason to buy a Protection Plan? The peace of mind you’ll get knowing that if it gets accidentally dropped, dunked, smashed or sat on, you don’t have to worry about getting your phone back in working order.

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*Deductibles for Samsung touch-screen phones are $150.
1Our Quick Claim Guarantee is our promise to provide a resolution to your first claim under your plan within your first phone call. Customers claiming multiple times in a short period of time may be asked to provide a proof of loss or receipts for their device which will be processed promptly but will take more than one phone call for resolution. This guarantee is in place to ensure that we provide a fast claims decision on your first call. It does not apply if your phone call is disconnected requiring a second call to finish your claim. If your first claim is not resolved in one call, you can contact us at .
2Our Next Day Replacement Guarantee provides assurance that if your claim is approved by 8 p.m. EST and your device is in stock, you will receive it the following business day. If your device is not in stock, you will receive a check within 2 business days. Contact us at .
3Our Fixed or Replaced in 5 Days Guarantee provides assurance that once we receive your shipped device for repair on an approved claim, we will fix and ship the device within 5 business days back to you. In-home repair will be subject to your availability and parts required for the service. You will be contacted within 24 hours of your approved claim for your in-home services for large electronics and appliances. You can contact us at

Our Protection Plans are not currently available in Wisconsin. The obligor company for Protect Your Bubble Extended Warranty Products in all states except Florida and Oklahoma is Federal Warranty Service Corporation. In Florida, the provider is United Service Protection, Inc. In Oklahoma the obligor is Assurant Service Protection, Inc.

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