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Top iPad Cases That Might Blow Your Budget

Owners of iPads take pride in them, and many choose to cover them with cases. While the vast majority of cases are available at many big box stores, there are a select number of people who decide that the regular, mundane iPad covers simply will not do, and insist upon having the best of the best. For these people, Protect Your Bubble, specialty insurance brand, has created a list of expensive iPad cases for the discerning consumer this holiday.

  1. Louis Vuitton ($366.00) – It’s Louis Vuitton. Is there any more to say that is necessary? The ubiquitous LV logo, a slip case instead of a foldable, and is, ironically, the least expensive case on the list.
  2. Burberry Stiched Rafia iPad Case ($595.00) – More expensive than the iPad, Burberry’s fine leather cases are well-known in luxury circles. The Burberry logo is emblazoned on the flap of the case and let’s everyone know the owner is a person of taste.
  3. Yves Saint Laurent CHYC ($750.00) – Textured leather provides stellar protection with the book style many iPad users prefer in a case. The gold-toned logo doubles as a clip. Made in Italy, this case is simple, stylish and timeless.
  4. Dior Homme iPad case ($900.00) – Classic is the best way to describe this case. The Homme line of Dior is known for its aesthetic appeal and comes in either leather or coated canvas. Its book design mirrors the simplicity of the case.
  5. Chanel iPad case ($1,555.00) – Finally breaking the four digit mark, Chanel changed the name of this case from the decidedly French, “Mallette en cuir noir (Case in black leather)” to Chanel iPad Case. Top-grade leather, quilted stitches and a brand loyalty unlike most of the others on the list, this case commands attention and envy from those who see it.
  6. Alexander Amosu’s iPad Case ($2,620) – Amosu wanted to combine a love of technology and mobile gadgets to elegance and beauty. Enter; his iPad case series. Customers can choose the leather: crocodile, python or ostrich, colors and can even have their name or company name on the front. Imagine the looks from customers, family or dear friends who see their company logo or name on a quality case.
  7. Celine’s iPad Case ($3,100) – Made in Italy from a French luxury fashion house, this case has smooth edges for ulterior protection. Compartments for small documents and cards are included for the luxury-conscious person on the move.
  8. Domenico Vacca’s iPad Case ($3,900) – The finest alligator skin in a choice of 25 colors from an Italian fashion house. If ever there was elegant in exotic leathers, this is certainly a solid choice.
  9. Tods’s iPad cases ($4,900) – Tod’s alligator skin cases are limited to one of three colors: brown, blue or tan. Seems extravagant for only three colors, but it is what it is.
  10. David August’s iPad Case ($6,900) – When you outfit customers who are in Hollywood’s most elite such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, and Robert Downey Jr., it is not difficult to command a high price for a case. Hand stitched in Italy and coming in 20 different colors and shades, this case tops our list of pricy cases.

 Whether or not these cases will be on your Christmas wish list, one thing is for sure: people go to great lengths toprotect their gadgets. But, there’s an easier (and more comprehensive) way. Protect Your Bubble offers iPad insurance which covers loss, theft and water damage and consumers will receive a replacement device in 24 hours. For a quick quote, visit today!


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