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An Instagram Guide: The Top 10 Instagram Filters | Protect Your Bubble

Originally posted on on February 26, 2013

Gadget insurance brand recommends filters as compared to photo style

Shutterbugs know about Instagram filters. For everyone else, gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, has a list of the best Instagram filters.  Each one has a different effect and use, so play around with them to find the perfect match to the perfect shot.

  1. TOASTER – High exposure and corner vignettes make this one a popular choice.
    Ideal uses – Nights out on the town, picnics and backyard summertime BBQ shots.
  2. INKWELL – Before color, pictures were always in black and white.  Expert developers could really set the blacks and whites in deep contrast, something Inkwell does automatically.
    Ideal uses – Classical and old school shots or hide bad lighting with the Normal setting.
  3. KELVIN – Look through old photo albums and find the older pictures with grainy borders, scratches and a thick border.  That is Kelvin.
    Ideal uses – Anytime a retro look is appropriate.
  4. RISE – Looking for a glow and soft lighting?  Look no further than Rise.
    Ideal uses – Close up shots of people, particularly children and babies.
  5. HUDSON – A colder look and feel brings out an icy look with a slight tint.
    Ideal uses – Outside shots of buildings and monuments especially.
  6. SUTRO – Almost a black and white, but more smoky with deep purples and browns.
    Ideal uses – Halloween and anytime there is a need for something with a dark edge.
  7. XPRO II – Want to make colors stand out and look deep?  Try this one.
    Ideal uses – Any deep colors, both inside and out depending on the subject.
  8. LO-FI – Colors and shadows together make for strong images.
    Ideal uses – Shots of people and food, particularly while on vacation in exotic locales.
  9. BRANNAN – Greyish tint for dark shots and metallic appearances.
    Ideal uses – Shots with strong shadows and night pictures with low light.
  10. AMARO - Adds light to the image and moves the focus to the center.
    Ideal uses - Outside shots with low sunlight.

This app is wonderful, until the smartphone or tablet is lost, stolen or broken.  In that case, it’s important to ensure that these devices are protected. Mobile gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, offers affordable and comprehensive smartphone and tablet insurance that provides coverage for unexpected events like theft, accidental damage, loss and breakdowns outside of the manufacturer's warranty period, with 24 hour replacement of the device.

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