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Thanksgiving Travel by Rental Car

Rental Car Travel Over is rumored to surpass last year’s numbers

The holiday travel season is here, but many people are planning to drive to their Thanksgiving destinations. Due to rising airline prices for holiday travel, fewer Americans are seeking air travel this year.

“Let’s face it; with the high costs associated with flying and the necessity that many will have to rent a car upon arrival anyway, it makes sense for consumers to go ahead and drive to their Thanksgiving destination,” says travel protection brand, Protect Your Bubble’s president, Stephen Ebbett.

That is translating into a lot more people traveling by car. Some reports are saying holiday traffic on the roads could easily double in major metropolitan markets. The statistics do not lie. AAA’s website reports, “Approximately 90 percent of travelers, or 39.1 million people, plan to travel by automobile this Thanksgiving.” This is a 0.6 percent increase over the 38.9 million people who traveled by auto last year. “That’s a lot of people on the road and a lot of people who are not familiar with the local driving conditions either,” added Ebbett.

More people on the road means a greater chance of accidents. In rental cars, that could be a real issue. Consider the following from Pennsylvania: pre- and post-Thanksgiving accidents totaled 2,971. That’s an alarming rate. While many people continue to try to save money where they can, they are opting out of the rental car insurance from the retailers. But, there’s more affordable option to stay protected.

For those hitting the open road in a rental car, it’s important to remember that rental car protection is a great way to cover damage, trip emergencies, cancellations and interruptions. Protect Your Bubble provides rental car protection and gives travelers peace of mind for $7.99 per day. Visit for a quick quote.


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