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Protect Your Bubble Answers "Where Do You Think Most Rental Car Accidents Occur in U.S.?"

Protect Your Bubble, Specialty Travel Rental Car Insurance Brand, Reveals Top Five U.S. Cities Where People Think They Will Most Likely Damage or Get Into A Car Accident In A Rental Car

 ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer with family, friends and co-workers. Unfortunately, it’s also the season in which driving in rental cars on often icy and snow-covered roads---especially in densely populated U.S. cities---brings higher than usual risks.

In an effort to educate travelers about safe driving this holiday season, Protect Your Bubble, a specialty insurance brand offering a wide range of convenient and affordable coverage plans for travel, electronic gadgets and pets, this week shared data from a recent survey it conducted, revealing that New York City is the top U.S. city in which people believe they would most likely damage or get into an accident in a rental car. According to the Protect Your Bubble survey, the top five U.S. cities where Americans think they will most likely to damage or get into a car accident in a rental car include:

1.    New York City 
2.    Los Angeles 
3.    Boston 
4.    Las Vegas 
5.    San Francisco

“Whether it’s for travel purposes during the holidays, or for a business trip, when you rent a car, it often means you will be driving an unfamiliar vehicle in an unfamiliar location,” said Stephen Ebbett, President of Protect Your Bubble. “Under these circumstances, especially for those people who are not used to driving around in big cities, even the safest drivers may find themselves at a higher risk for a car accident.”

This holiday season, shopping, parties and family gatherings can often mean heavier-than-usual traffic, as well as stressed out visitors who may not be familiar with the roads. In fact, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are among the top most dangerous holidays for drivers, according to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Protect Your Bubble survey also revealed that 23 percent of the males surveyed had experienced damage to rental cars, compared to only 10 percent of the women surveyed. Men are also less likely to actually buy rental car insurance. “Based on this statistic, male drivers should definitely consider this risk,” Ebbett said. “They may want to consider purchasing rental car insurance for that added layer of protection.”

Protect Your Bubble gives drivers a new, cost-effective rental car insurance when hitting the open road. And when travelers plan ahead, they can save up to 75 percent by purchasing a policy directly from, rather than from the rental car counter. Protect Your Bubble’s rental car protection premiums are $7.99 per day, versus most popular rental car facilities which charge an average of $35 per day.

“With the holiday season now in full swing, Protect Your Bubble simply wants to educate and remind consumers about the risks involved with driving around in rental cars, especially in highly dense areas where visitors may not be so familiar with the roads,” Ebbett said. “And we want to save them money, too.”

Additional survey results revealed the following about who buys rental car insurance across the country: 28 percent of Midwesterners, 25 percent of Northeasterners, 22 percent of Southerners, and 18 percent of Westerners. Half of those surveyed were unaware about third party options. For instance, of those who purchase rental car insurance in the Northeast, a staggering 68 percent were unaware about a third party, less expensive option. The survey also disclosed that for those who have damaged their rental car, that a whopping 17 percent of them reside in the suburbs.

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