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Blackberry 10 Rumors Reviewed by Blackberry Insurance Brand

Blackberry is set to return with a completely new and updated smartphone that may threaten smartphones on the market. As rumors swirl, Protect Your Bubble, gadget insurance brand, takes a close look at the rumors concerning the Blackberry 10.


At first, March was the big date, but recent reports have the new smartphone hitting the market as early as January 30th. The amount of code necessary in the device was the reason behind the March release, but this appears to have changed.


 Rumor has is that it will have a 4.2 inch display with a pixel density of around 355 ppi; which is better than the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, and Galaxy Note 2. The processor will likely be a Qualcomm S4 chipset, possibly the Snapdragon S4 Pro.

Major Features


  • The Hub, a super inbox application, will handle all messages, feeds, and calendar notifications. Flow, the interface, will help apps run smoothly. Time Shift will take multiple shots with the camera, and users can scroll quickly and easily through the menu to find the most suitable picture.
  • Keyboard – Swipe and word prediction are standard on most smartphones, but an upward swipe will animate the text field for the user to decide where the words will end up. It should drastically improve messaging.
  • Balance – For those who want to use a phone for personal and office use, Balance will Firewall the two so there will be no confusion. Remote management means wiping data is a breeze as well.
  • Space Inference – Inference means the OS will automatically realize when there needs to be a space betweenwords. So, like the error previously, ‘betweenwords’ the OS will make an instant correction to between words. Perfect for those fast texters.
  • Custom colors – Those who are itching to get their hands on the Blackberry will have a chance to customize the color. This will mean not only the user has the hottest device from RIM, Research In Motion, but also were one of the first to do so.
  • Hidden keyboard – With smart phones, anything is possible and RIM has patented a laptop-tablet hybrid. Could the Blackberry 10 have a keyboard attachment? Good question, indeed.
  • Storage, NFC and Wireless – Plans are to have full NFC capabilities, 1 gig of RAM and microSD slot for a 16GB card. All LTE bands will be fully supported.


Overall, the Blackberry 10 rumors are intriguing and will likely be a must-have for techies or anyone who is due for an upgrade. offers smartphone insurance, including Blackberry Insurance, with coverage that includes loss, theft, accidents and damage and provides replacement devices in 24 hours. For more information, visit


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