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Best Weight Loss Apps to Keep in Mind This Christmas

Smartphone insurance brand Protect Your Bubble compiles a list of holiday weight loss apps to keep you disciplined

There is nothing quite like the holidays. Family, friends, food, traveling, food, good times, food, plates laden with high-caloric rich goodies, extra calories and unwanted holiday pounds. Rather than wait to make a New Year’s Resolution to shed extra weight, why not start at the holiday dinner table and watch what is eaten? Protect Your Bubble, gadget insurance brand, provides this list of meal calculator apps to control calories and still have a great time during the holidays.

  • Calorie Tracker App – For $2.99, find almost any food’s caloric count, including restaurants. A database of more than 500,000 foods, track calories and times eaten and then select a workout based on 2,000 physical activities. As a bonus, track your weight throughout the day to check how many left or how many to burn to stay on track.
  • Meal Snap – Also $2.99, take picture of what is on your plate and get an approximate calorie count. While not completely accurate and slow in counting, it is an easy way to make a good guess without having to input many different foods at one time. Categorize food choices as meals and snacks for a running tally as well.
  • Lose It! – Set goals, create a calorie budget, record food and exercise. Once everything is entered, create a custom plan with an end date. This will help set an amount to lose per week. Perfect for getting ready for the holiday meals, watching intake through the holidays and a plan to be ready for the beach this summer.
  • Restaurant Nutrition – While not everyone will be eating at home this holiday, those who are on the road or eating out still want to keep an eye on their calories and intake. Find nutritional content of items at popular chains with this app that will also track and find nearby locations. Perfect while on the road.


Counting calories is important, but if a gadget is lost, stolen or broken it is difficult to keep track of what is consumed. In that case, it’s important to ensure that these devices are protected. Mobile gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, offers affordable and comprehensive smartphone and tablet insurance that provides coverage for unexpected events like theft, accidental damage, loss and breakdowns outside of the manufacturer's warranty period, with 24 hour replacement of the device.


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