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5 Tips for Taking Photos this Holiday

Specialty insurance brand Protect Your Bubble helps consumers capture great photos without fuss.

This holiday season, many consumers will be enjoying the season’s festivities with a camera in hand, ready to capture the moment. Whether snapping a photo on a digital camera, tablet or smartphone, it’s important to follow some basic courtesies as the photographer. Protect Your Bubble shares 5 tips for taking photos and photo etiquette to keep the peace.

1. Don’t capture someone mid-bite – Arguably one of the most unflattering photos is a shot of someone with their mouth open, about to take a big bite of something. Even though the food is delicious and people are really enjoying the holiday fare, NEVER take this photo. It’s possible to truly upset someone.

2. Be vigilant when posting photos on social media – Take an honest look at a photo and the people in it. Be honest; is it a bad angle? Bad lighting? If you were the person, would you want that photo to be plastered all over [insert social photo sharing site here]? The golden rule definitely applies here.

3. Be ready for a re-do – It’s not uncommon for the subjects of the photo to want to take a look (hence, to avoid the number two offense on this list) to give an “approval.” As the photographer, it’s courteous to show the photo. If the subject is not comfortable with the photo, it’s advised to delete and shoot another. Remember, it’s not the photography skills that are in question. It’s a vanity thing.

4. Respect people’s wishes – There will likely be people who are vocal about their comfort level (or lack thereof) with the photos taken. For instance, “please don’t post to Facebook,” or “Please crop me out.” Keeping the peace is important, so it’s best for the photographer to take note the request.

5. Be mindful of lighting – Photos in front of the fireplace or Christmas tree are highly desirable but can be difficult to capture, especially on a smartphone. Remember to be patient. Secondly, many smartphone cameras, such as the iPhone, will allow you to adjust the lighting. This will brighten the photo. First, line up the shot (even if the lighting is darkening the rest of the photo). Then, tap your finger in the dark patches of the shot on the screen. This should brighten up the photo enough to snap the picture.

It’s important to keep gadgets safe. Protect Your Bubble provides smartphone and tablet insurance which covers loss, theft and water damage and consumers will receive a replacement device in 24 hours. In addition, Protect Your Bubble’s home gadget extended warranties provide coverage for mechanical breakdown and accidental damage for laptops, game consoles and cameras as well as mechanical breakdown for appliances, televisions, desktop computers, home theater systems and more. For a quick quote, visit today.


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Protect Your Bubble is a specialty insurance brand, offering insurance for gadgets, pets and travel - all for today’s modern consumer. Headquartered in Atlanta, Protect Your Bubble is available online, via mobile app or phone, allowing consumers to understand, buy and, most importantly, protect what enriches their lives. Find Protect Your Bubble USA on Facebook or Twitter (@PYBUSA) or visit for more information or to get a two-minute quote today.


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