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5 Fun and Entertaining Advent Calendar Apps

Gadget insurance brand Protect Your Bubble list holiday apps to keep consumers on schedule

Ahhh, it’s December. The little ones will be giddy waiting for the chance to open presents on Christmas, and parents delight watching them squirm in anticipation. Protect Your Bubble,specialty insurance brand, knows what it is like waiting on Advent, so we offer these great apps for the Advent countdown.

  1. Holiday Advent Calendar 2012 – Great for the kids to have something to do on trips, this app has some great features. Start with a gift a day on December 1st, three different Christmas tunes, move the sun or moon around to open gifts early or later. Return gifts to the packages so someone else can have the fun too.
  2. Cthulhu Christmas Advent Calendar App – While a bit of a stretch, H.P. Lovecraft and horror fans will get a huge kick out of this one. Find various postcards and pictures of “He who shall not be named” Find puzzles and games dealing with the mythos, culminating in a score on the 25th. Use with caution…
  3. Christmas Advent Calendar – MagicSolver has this Advent calendar with games, puzzles and fun things to do as time passes, slowly, until the big day. Holiday tunes are included. Shake the iPhone to select a new tune.
  4. iAdvent – The small ‘i’ should give away this particular app as it is only available on Apple products. Count down the days to Christmas with a calendar and games. Each day a new game and activity can be opened, but the app will not go live until December 1st. Download now and wait for practice waiting on Christmas to come.
  5. Advent Calendar – Following tradition, only one door can be opened each day with this app. Starting on the first day of December, users may open a door that will reveal a gift, all the way to Christmas. Simple and easy to use, it is a way to count down the days.

These are great, but they are useless if your mobile gadget is lost, stolen or. It’s important to ensure that these devices are protected. Mobile gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, offers affordable and comprehensive smartphone and tablet insurance that provides coverage for unexpected events like theft, accidental damage, loss and breakdowns outside of the manufacturer's warranty period, with 24 hour replacement of the device.

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