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Could ID theft happen to your child?

It can happen in an instant. Everyone is at risk.

Many types of ID theft are on the rise. But one of the most disturbing growth areas is child identity theft. Normally revolving around misuse of Social Security Numbers, children are an easy and profitable target for thieves. They have a clean credit record and ID crimes against them can go unnoticed and unreported for many years.

In the same way you always want to protect your children’s health, happiness and safety, protecting their ID is becoming more and more important. And, with our ID Theft Protection, it’s now affordable to give all your family all the protection they need.

  • Competitive pricing – Starting at just $7.99 a month
  • Prevention – Access to all 3 credit bureau reports
  • Detection – Tracking by all 3 credit bureaus
  • Resolution – Expert services available 24/7, for your entire family

Protecting your family isn't child’s play

There are two ways child ID theft is normally discovered. The first – and the better of a bad bunch – is when a parent starts noticing that letters addressed to their kid are arriving. These are normally bills, loan application forms, pre-approved credit cards and federal or state tax forms.

The second – and even more upsetting way – is that after many, many years as they enter adulthood, your child applies for a driving license, a loan, a credit card or a phone connection and they’re turned down for no apparent reason. In a worst case-scenario they may even be arrested for something they haven’t done!

How it happens 

It often starts with the theft of your child’s social security number (SSN) – from there, a new identity is established. The thief then uses this to claim benefits and to apply for everything from jobs to loans, credit cards, driving licenses and mortgages.

It’s a big and, as yet, largely unrecognized problem. A recent assessment of 40,000+ SSNs of children found that more than 10% of their SSNs were being used by someone other than the child. The survey also showed that these crimes took 334 days to detect and 44 hours to resolve, with 17% of children being victimized for a year or longer.

Protection for the whole family

So, it always pays to look after your child’s ID as carefully – or more carefully – than your own. Unfortunately, many cases originate with data being stolen from areas outside your control, which is why vigilance is vital, especially when it comes to strange letters and application forms addressed to your child.

Our ID Theft Protection adds another level of security for your whole family. We check the credit records of every member and inform you of any changes or suspicious activity. And if the worst happens and your – or your child's – ID is compromised, we know every step to take to get your life back to normal.

With our ID Theft Protection, your family can rely on:

  • One-stop service that will protect, detect and resolve any ID problems
  • 24/7 access to understanding, expert staff that are ready and able to help
  • Medical identity theft cover and resolution – we’ll liaise with insurers and medical organizations to resolve any issues
  • Emergency travel assistance – if you and your family are left high and dry by ID theft when travelling well get up to a $500 cash advance to you.

*Child Identity Theft: New Evidence Indicates Identity Thieves are Targeting Children for Unused Social Security Numbers by Richard Power, Carnegie Mellon CyLab

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