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7 Reasons to Buy ID Theft Protection

ID Theft Cover. Because you’ve got more to lose than money

Thieves have been quick to spot the potential profits in ID Fraud. Once they have your ID they have endless options to exploit it – from simply maxing out your credit cards to making bogus medical claims or taking out new loans in your name.

Identity theft costs American consumers and businesses $37 billion in 2010 according a 2011 survey by Javelin Research. But it’s not just the cost that makes ID Theft so damaging – it’s the time and hassle it costs getting your life back to normal.  In fact, the same Javelin survey found that, on average, victims of Identity Theft spent 33 hours dealing with it.

Figures like that are a great reason to protect yourself with enhanced Identity Theft protection services. But here are 7 great reasons to choose Protect Your Bubble to do the job:

  1. We offer a comprehensive protection service that helps prevent ID theft, detect it when it occurs and resolve problems if you’re ever a victim
  2. We know when you’re a victim you want to talk to a real person who understands what you’re going through. That’s why we have live experts ready and available 24/7 to help you if the worst happens
  3. You get full protection at a very competitive price. Just compare us to our rivals to see for yourself
  4. Keeping track of your credit is vital – which is why you’ll get to view all 3 credit bureau reports and you’ll get on-going access to your TransUnion report
  5. Our vigilance doesn’t stop there. We’ll continue to monitor all 3 credit bureaus for any changes to your credit. We’ll alert you if anything changes so you can confirm it’s legitimate.
  6. Thieves are always looking for ways to use your ID to make money. That’s why our service includes medical coverage theft and emergency travel assistance
  7. You’re not the only one at risk. ID Thieves can target anyone in your family. That why your protection extends to your children if they’re unlucky enough to become victims

Your Identity is unique – and so is our ID Theft Cover. With coverage from just $69.99 a year, so why not choose us as your partner in ID Protection?

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