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What Is Not Covered Home Gadgets

Like all warranties available on the market place today, we have some exclusions that help make sure that we can get you our best pricing on all warranties.  So, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with what we do not cover:

  • Products that were purchased more than 365 days ago
  • Products sold “as is” or refurbished/used products
  • Products used in an industrial or commercial setting
  • Any damage/malfunction due to alterations to the original product, repairs made by unauthorized technicians, or the use of parts/supplies not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Damage due to negligence or failure to maintain the product according to the owner’s instructions manual
  • Damage due to abuse, vandalism, theft, or forces of nature (fire, flood, wind, freezing), unusual atmospheric conditions, acts of God, or acts of war
  • Damage due to improper installation or power supply (including inadequate wiring, breakers, or ductwork)
  • Cosmetic damage, non-functional parts, expendable items, or easily replaceable consumable items
  • Damage as a result of improper storage or ventilation as well as non-compliant plumbing, non-municipal water supply, or any violation of existing federal, state, and municipal codes
  • Food losses due to a loss of power or damage to clothing
  • Any repair or replacement covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty or through any type of manufacturer initiated product recall program
  • Any defects that existed prior to this warranty known by you
  • Any normal, periodic or preventative maintenance
  • Any upgrades to comply with regulatory laws
  • Any refrigerant or drain lines, condensation leaks, or evaporation/condenser coils if rusted or corroded
  • Any products where the original serial numbers have been removed, damaged, or altered or cannot be readily determined
  • Miscellaneous enclosures, custom panels, or trim surrounding built-in products
  • Shipping damage to products as a result of your inadequate packaging
  • Failures due to accidents unless Accidental Damage coverage is included in your plan on the Schedule Page of your Extended Warranty
I feel more comfortable carrying my phone knowing that it is protected, and I don't need to pay an arm and a leg to replace it.
- Michael H.

Extra Protection For the Electronics and Appliances You Use Most:

You just got your brand new laptop. As you’re leaving the store with it in hand, have you thought about what you would have to do if you dropped it?

An accidental trip could leave you, and your brand new investment, on the ground. If your screen cracked or your laptop is broken completely, you could be looking at making an identical dent in your wallet to replace it as you did at time of purchase.

An Extended Warranty from Protect Your Bubble gives you the coverage you need for “Oops!”, “Uh Oh!”, and “…um…What just happened?” so that you can use your favorite appliances and electronics with more peace of mind.

Why should I get an extended warranty for my electronics and appliances?

Our extended warranties go beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to give you extended coverage for an extended amount of time. With a warranty from Protect Your Bubble, you can get coverage for mechanical issues with your device*:

  • When your device breaks down, just send it to us and we’ll repair it or replace it with a successful claim.
  • Having issues with your computer? We offer PC Tech Support to help you figure things out.
  • If you have a power surge that knocks out your device, you're covered.
  • Did your refrigerator or freezer break down? Not only will we help with your device, but we also offer food loss reimbursement (up to $250) to help you restock.
  • Batteries typically break down before the rest of your device. We offer one battery replacement for removable batteries to keep your device going for longer.
  • Coverage for the originally packaged components including your mouse, keyboard, speakers, and monitor for a computer.

For even more protection, you can add on an extra level of coverage by adding accidental damage coverage to your warranty (available on selected devices**).

With accidental damage protection you'll add coverage for:

  • Drops
  • Cracked screens
  • Liquid Damage,
  • And any other accidental break.

Our Policies go beyond great coverage.

Our extended warranties for your home electronics and appliances don’t stop at great coverage for your washer, dryer, laptop, and more. We know that great insurance focuses on keeping things affordable and easy for you with features like:

  • A multi-gadget discount – save 10% on each additional policy when you insure more than one item
  • Flexible payments – Get month to month coverage with monthly payments or pay all at once for coverage for the full term of your warranty (up to 60 months)
  • Anytime Cancelation – If you decide you no longer need your extended warranty, you can cancel anytime; if you’ve paid in full, you’ll receive a pro-rated refund for your premium.

For a limited time, you can save 25% off of our home gadget warranties. Just use code "Discount25" while getting your free quote.

How does the claims process work?

Making a claim is easy. Call us at 1-855-PYB-HOME (792-4663) and we’ll help you through the process. Once approved, your claim will be fulfilled using any of the three options below:

  • In-home service – We will provide you with in-home service for your covered item by scheduling and performing all necessary repairs at your residence.
  • Depot repair – We will provide a prepaid label and you will be responsible for shipping the product to our authorized repair facility. We will return your product promptly once we complete all repairs.
  • Replacement – In some cases, we may replace your product with a product of like kind and quality, cash settlement, or gift card.

We only use authorized service facilities and a pre-screened network of certified service technicians if your item needs to be fixed to ensure that you get the best quality and service possible. And, if your item needs to be repaired more than three times, our no lemon guarantee will make sure you get a replacement.

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