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  • $0 deductible
  • Covers mechanical breakdown and surge protection
  • Accidental damage protection optional
  • Fixed or replaced in 5 days or less*

Video Cameras / Camcorders

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Accidental demage

Mechanical breakdown

When your gadget or device breaks down we will repair it or replace it.

Mechanical breakdown

Accidental damage

Accidental damage is covered for laptops, cameras and camcorders.


Accidental demage

Surge Protection

If a power surge occurs your devices and appliances are covered.

Mechanical breakdown

Tech Support & In-Home Repair

Whether you need help with your computer or need someone to repair your refrigerator we offer the service you need to get your gadget working fast.


Accidental demage

Multi-Gadget discount

Save 10% on each additional policy when you buy a gadget warranty on more than one item. Even if you are a returning customer, just log in before you buy to get your 10% discount.

Mechanical breakdown

No lemon policy

Occasionally gadgets turn out to be lemons. Don't worry, if your gadget continues to have problems you are not stuck with it. If an item requires a fourth repair, we replace it.

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Purchasing a video camera or camcorder can be a big investment. And if something should happen to yours, fixing it no longer has to be expensive with Protect Your Bubble by your side. Sign up and get a comprehensive Extended Warranty to help protect your video camera and your wallet if something should go wrong.

Did you know? You will pay $300 to $500 for a good quality video camera.

Source: About Camcorders

Our Comprehensive Video Camera / Camcorder Extended Warranty Covers:

  • Parts and labor costs and/or materials needed to repair your product or full replacement
  • No deductible
  • Accidental damage (protection from spills and drops) for your video camera / camcorder
  • One replacement for an easily accessible and rechargeable battery
  • No lemon policy 

Start Your Quote Now Have multiple gadgets? Sign up for multiple Extended Warranties and get a 10% multi-gadget discount. For a limited time, you can save 25% off of our home gadget warranties. Just use code "Discount25" while getting your free quote. 

When shooting a video, you’re making a memory. And the last thing you need is for something to go wrong in the middle of a special event. Fortunately Protect Your Bubble will fix or replace your video camera / camcorder if something should go wrong outside of the manufacturer’s warranty or you have an unfortunate accident like a drop or a spill—so you can get right back to filming your special event. Signing up is simple and takes just a few minutes. 

  • Enter basic information to learn what type of camcorder Extended Warranty is available to you
  • Review your options and decide what best fits your budget and needs
  • Start and finish enrollment completely online 

You can choose to pay for your Extended Warranty either monthly or all at once.  Monthly plans provide for month-to-month Extended Warranty coverage while full pay plans are paid for all at once. Best of all, you can cancel your Extended Warranty at any time and there’s no deductible! 

If your video camera / camcorder is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer is responsible for items covered under its express warranty and this service plan will pay for other covered items. 

If you need to make a claim, the steps are easy. Call 1-855-PYB-HOME and we will assist you through the claims process. If approved, your claim will be fulfilled using any of the options below: 

  • Depot repair: We will provide a prepaid label and you will be responsible for shipping the product to our authorized repair facility.  We will return your product promptly once we complete all repairs.
  • Replacement: In some cases, we may replace your product with a product of like kind and quality, cash settlement, or gift card. 

What exactly is Mechanical Breakdown and Accidental Damage? 

Mechanical and/or electrical failure occurs when a product fails due to normal wear and tear when operated according to the manufacturer’s directions. 

Accidental damage is a sudden, unexpected and unintentional event that results in physical damage of your covered product. This includes spilling liquids on or dropping a product.  We provide protection from Accidental Damage as a standard feature when you purchase an Extended Warranty for your digital camera. 

Protect Your Bubble has the right to choose an authorized service facility if your item needs to be fixed. This is the location that serves as a replacement or repair facility. If your appliance is too heavy to be shipped, we offer in-home service too. You also may receive a replacement product, cash or a gift card based on the price of a replacement product. And if your item needs to be replaced more than three times, our no lemon guarantee covers that too.

To understand what is not covered by these plans, click here.

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*Terms and conditions do apply. Please see our sample policy for details.

**Accidental damage protection available on camcorders, laptops and cameras

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