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Filing an Identity Theft Protection claim:

The sooner you spot that you’ve been a victim of identity theft the sooner you can put a stop to it.

Of course, if you’ve had your purse or wallet lost or stolen you’ll instantly know you could be at risk. But what are the other tell tales signs that your identity has been compromised?

  • Your credit record has changed or shows you have applied for something you don’t know about. (If you’ve got our ID Theft protection service you’ll get three, free credit bureau reports – and we’ll monitor your credit on an on-going basis.)
  • You get medical bills you don’t recognize
  • Bill collectors or collection agencies call and demand payment for accounts or services you never had
  • An employment background check reveals a criminal record you don’t recognize – like a DUI, court judgement or order, or other legal charge
  • You notice charges on your credit card bill that you don’t recognize or never authorized

Getting help

So what happens if you do spot something suspicious? The faster you act, the less the damage, so call us immediately and we’ll jump into action to get your life back to normal.

  1. Call us toll-free at 866-367-7579 24/7 and speak to one of our certified, trained resolution specialists.  They’ll open a case file for you.
  2. Your dedicated resolution specialist will get a strong understanding of the type of identity breach. For instance, have your credit cards been stolen or, is it a situation where new accounts have been opened in your name?
  3. We’ll send you an authorization form and affidavit depending on the type of identity breach.

We will work with your creditors and financial institutions to obtain new credit and debit cards depending on the type of identity fraud.  We’ll also contact local, municipal, and federal authorities to get new forms of identification like a driver’s license, passport, or social security cards as necessary. We’ll immediately alert the proper authorities so you can clear your name of any potential fraud and we help you prepare and submit any necessary legal documents.

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