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Protect your holiday gifts with insurance for your iPhone

  • More than a warranty, see product comparison
  • Covers cracked screens & liquid damage
  • Includes lost & stolen devices
  • Fast replacement*

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Accidental demage

Accidental damage

It doesn’t matter if it’s one spill or full immersion in a swimming pool – we’ve got your mobile gadget covered.

Mechanical breakdown

Mechanical breakdown

We cover those increasingly complex internal parts that can fail after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Accidental demage

Loss & theft

More than half of our claims are due to theft or loss  – most policies won’t cover you if your device is lost or stolen.

Mechanical breakdown


From cracked screens to broken internal parts, we cover the big damage that can result from even the smallest falls.

Accidental demage

Credit monitoring

If your device is stolen, we provide you with access to your credit score for the next three months so you can monitor it for fraudulent activity.

Mechanical breakdown

Cancel anytime

We know life happens and things can change. That’s why we offer policies that can be cancelled at anytime.

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December welcomes in the holidays and the season of giving; unfortunately, it's also a major season for theft. 

Smartphone theft has become one of the nation's most prevalent crimes; a whopping 113 cell phones are stolen every minute in the US, and those numbers only increase during the holiday season.

While most iPhone warranty plans on the market protect you in case of mechanical breakdown or damage, Protect Your Bubble's iPhone insurance protection goes beyond that to cover you in case your phone is lost or stolen. We work to protect you from all of the unexpected things that can happen to your phone:

  • Liquid Damage - Whether it's a spilt hot chocolate, a slip in the snow, or a laundry accident, you're covered if your iPhone is damaged by liquid.
  • Accidental Damage - Dog decide your iPhone looked like a snack? Toddler toss it in a case of the terrible two's? We've got your back. 
  • Mechanical Breakdown - Sometimes gadgets just go caput. You're covered if your phone breaksdown after normal wear and tear.
  • Credit Monitoring Services - If your phone is stolen, just think about all of the information in it that is gone as well: passwords, bank account information, and more. We'll help you keep an eye on your credit if your phone disappears. 

iPhone Protection: How does it work?

If something does happen to your phone and you're covered with our iPhone insurance, we work to replace it as quickly as possible. When your claim is approved you can expect a replacement device fast. If we don't have your device in stock, we'll send you compensation so that you can purchase a replacement. We want to be sure that you don't have to go too long without your device so that your daily life can get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Don't let a Grinch or a Christmas Caper leave you without your phone and paying for a costly replacement; protect your iPhone with Gadget Insurance from Protect Your Bubble.

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*We will send you a replacement device upon the approval of your claim and if your device is in stock. We reserve the right to send you compensation for the device in the form of a check in cases where your replacement device is not in stock.

In Florida, accidental damage and mechanical breakdown coverage are provided by an extended service contract through United Service Protection, Inc.

The Protect Your Bubble Mobile Gadget products are underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida or American Security Insurance Company, depending on your state. American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida and American Security Insurance Company are each an Assurant Solutions company, whose parent company is Assurant, Inc. The principal place of business for American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida is 260 Interstate North Circle, S.E. Atlanta, GA 30339; Domicile (FL); NAIC # 10111; authorized to write in Washington, D.C. and all states in the United States. Assurant, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company and a member of the S&P 500, traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIZ. A.M. Best has reaffirmed a stable outlook on the company's ratings and has rated all Assurant, Inc. insurance entities A- or better.

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