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General Questions

QWhat is a Protection Plan?

A. Your phones, tablets, appliances and other electronics are often long-term investments, and can be very expensive and inconvenient to repair. Our extended warranty* Protection Plans are an affordable and easy way to protect them in case of everyday accidental damage (like drops, spills and cracked screens) and mechanical breakdowns (after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired). Because it's pretty unlikely that you'd be able to drop and damage your fridge or oven, our Appliance Protection Plans only cover mechanical breakdown (after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired). 

Our plans are flexible, too – you can customize your coverage as often as you like by adding and dropping devices from your plan online, 24/7. 

QWhat's so special about your Protection Plans?

A. We think that extended warranty programs should center around you, not just a specific device. Our Protection Plans are set up to be easy for our customers from start to finish – one online contract for all of your devices, one monthly bill and one convenient place to manage all of your protection needs. Our plans also provide significant discounts every time you add more devices to your plan, so you save more as you protect more.

We understand that devices can be important in your daily life (and that they change often) so we make it easy to add and drop devices from your plan as you need, literally in seconds. Last, but not least, we want to get you reconnected quickly – that's why our claims process is set up to be as quick and painless as possible.

QAren't my devices already covered under my manufacturer’s warranty?

A. In most instances, your products are covered under your manufacturer's original warranty for a period of 12 months. However, these warranties don't cover accidental damage – like drops and spills – or provide other extras like power surge protection. Plus, once your manufacturer's warranty runs out, you're not protected against problems like mechanical or electrical failures that occur during normal use. With our Protection Plans, you can stay protected for all of these issues for up to three years (depending on when you signed up for protection for that device).

We'll refer you to your manufacturer for items they cover as long as their warranty is still in effect. You'll be protected against items they don't cover 14 days after you purchase an extended warranty with us. Get started with a quote now.

QAren't my devices already covered by my homeowner's or renter's insurance?

A. A homeowner's insurance policy would only cover losses due to fire, theft or wind damage. Drops, spills and other events likely wouldn't be covered, and, in most cases, you may have to pay a deductible of $250+ (depending on your particular policy). The typical claims process for a homeowner's policy may not be ideal, either.

And because we understand that your need for protection will change over time, we've made it super simple to add and drop devices from your Protection Plan, at no added cost – your homeowner's insurance policy may not be as forgiving.

QWhat are my payment options?

A. We accept payments on a monthly basis. Payments may be made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) or debit card. After your first purchase, we'll save your payment information for future devices you want to protect. If you add a new device, we'll just add the prorated charge for your first month to your existing bill, and continue with the full monthly charge going forward.

For our Freedom Pop customers: your monthly payments are automatically added to your Freedom Pop bill. Simply pay that each month and you’re good to go!

QWhat is MyBubble?

A. MyBubble is our online account management portal for our customers. In MyBubble, you can:

  • View your protection plan details
  • Add and drop devices from your protection plan with just a few clicks
  • Change your personal information – your password, postal address and phone number
  • Learn how to file a claim and access claim forms

You’re automatically registered for MyBubble when you buy your protection plan. Your login and password will be emailed to you after your first purchase – check your spam folders if you don’t get the email immediately. 

To access MyBubble on return visits, simply use the “My Account” link in the top right-hand corner of our homepage to log in


QHow much does coverage cost?

A. The cost of your extended warranty* depends on the type of product you are covering and its value. Start the quick and easy quote process to get a quote for the cost of covering your device. You'll get $1 off for adding a second device, and $2 off for every additional device you add. The more devices you add, the more discounts you get!

QWhich of my devices can I protect?

A. We want to cover the important electronic devices and appliances in your home – and we can pretty much cover them all. Start the quote process, select a product category and all eligible devices will be listed. If you don’t see your device, check some of the other related categories. If you can’t find your device, you can email us. We'll contact you as soon as possible with guidance on how to get your device protected.

QI have multiple items I want to protect. Can I cover them all?

A. Yes! In fact, that's what our program is set up for – covering all the important devices and appliances in your home. We want you protect multiple devices so badly that we'll give you $1 off your monthly premium for the second device you add, and $2 off the premium for every additional device after that. And you won't have to sift through tons of paperwork to keep track of all the devices you protect – they'll all be covered under one protection plan, for one monthly bill. And you'll be able to manage them all in one place online.

If you've already covered a device with us under a Protection Plan, simply log on to add a device. It only takes a few clicks to add, and we automatically update your monthly bill. Your new device's first month's premium will be prorated to account for the remaining days in your current billing cycle.

QIs there an age limit on the items I can cover?

A. Yes – your devices must be less than 3 years old in order to get protection.

QHow long can my devices be covered for?

A. Your devices can be covered for up to 36 months from their purchase date. Once they hit that date, they'll be automatically dropped from your plan and we'll update your monthly bill accordingly.

QWhere can I view my Protection Plan?

A. You can always view your plan online by logging in to MyBubble. You can get to MyBubble by clicking on the "My Account" link at the top right-hand corner of the Protect Your Bubble website. Your log-in credentials were emailed to you when you first enrolled in the program. Check your junk mail/spam folder if you never received an email with this information. If you have any issues logging in to view your plan, contact us at

QIf I buy a new product, can I add it to my current plan?

A. Yes! If you have already covered a device with us under a Protection Plan, simply log in to MyBubble to add a device. You can always get to MyBubble by clicking on "My Account" at the top right corner of the site. It only takes a few clicks to add a device to your plan, and we automatically add your new device's coverage to your monthly bill. You'll pay a prorated amount for the first month of your new device's coverage to account for the remaining days in your current billing cycle.

Your MyBubble log-in credentials were emailed to you when you first purchased a Protection Plan. Check your junk mail/spam folder if you never received an email with this information. If you have any issues logging in to view your plan, contact us at

QDo you have a "no lemon" policy?

A. Yes! Instead of repairing the same covered defective device a fourth time, we'll just replace the device for you (as outlined in the replacement provision of the terms and conditions). Failures like this that occur within your device's manufacturer’s warranty period, however, don't qualify for the no-lemon guarantee.  

QAm I allowed to transfer my Protection Plan to another person?

A. No. Because your plan is paid for monthly, and is tied specifically to you and your credit card, it is not transferrable. However, if your device is less than 3 years old, another person can open a new Protection Plan and protect it until it reaches its third birthday.

QCan I cancel my Protection Plan? How do I cancel it?

A. Yes – you can cancel your coverage at any time and receive a refund as applicable. If you cancel your coverage within the first 30 days, and no claims have been paid, we'll refund your entire extended warranty* cost. For monthly plans, your coverage will last through the end of your most recent billing cycle after you cancel. After the end of that billing cycle, all subsequent billing and coverage will end. Refund methods vary by state – see plan terms and conditions for details.

It's easy to cancel your plan. Simply log in to MyBubble, select your plan, click on the applicable device and select "Cancel My Policy."

For our Freedom Pop customers: to cancel your policy, please do so via your Freedom Pop account or by calling (855) 703-5785.


QWhat does my Protection Plan cover?

A. Our Protection Plans (extended warranties) cover mechanical or electrical failures that occur during normal use. They also protect you in the event of mechanical breakdown after your manufacturer’s warranty ends. Additionally, Protection Plans include protection from accidental damage (including liquid damage and drops) for phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, digital cameras, camcorders and gaming systems. Your plan documents will clearly show whether accidental damage is covered for each of your devices.

Additionally, your devices will be protected against power surges, lightning strikes and (for appliances like your fridge and freezer) food spoilage. If you received accessories with your device in the original device packaging and these accessories are damaged at the same time, we'll replace them as well. There's no limit to how many times you can claim on your plan.

QAm I covered for drops and spills?

A. Yes – protection against accidental damage like drops and spills is included for some products, like phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, gaming devices and cameras. Your plan documents will clearly show if accidental damage is covered for each of your devices.

QOnce I've purchased my plan, when does my coverage begin?

A. There's a 14-day waiting period on your extended warranty* before coverage begins. In other words, the coverage for a device will begin 14 days after your purchase your Protection Plan. This applies for every new device you add to your plan. 

QWhat isn't covered?

A. We don’t cover:

  • Cosmetic damage that doesn't affect the functionality of your device (cracked screens on phones and tablets do, which is why they're covered)
  • Pre-existing damage 
  • Intentional damage
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns that occur during the manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Theft and mysterious disappearance (loss)

For a full list of exclusions and conditions, see the plan terms and conditions.

QWill you cover food loss if my refrigerator breaks?

A. Yes. During your coverage term, you'll be reimbursed for up to $250 worth of spoiled food for each fridge or freezer that suffers a covered failure, such as a "no-cool" event.

QAre cosmetic damages covered?

A. No – cosmetic damages aren't covered. 

QIf I bought my item on sale, will I still be reimbursed for its full value?

A. Yes – if we determine the need to reimburse you for the cost of your device, it will be for the device's full current retail value at the time of fulfillment. 

Filing a Claim

QHow do I file a claim?

A. Take these steps to move through the claims process:

  1. Call us toll-free at 1-855-792-2355 (within 30 days of the covered damage occurring) to speak with a service representative. If you like, visit MyBubble before you call to make sure you’re fully prepped to file your claim.
  2. Provide the rep with the details of your claim – they’ll let you know if any further info or documentation is needed. If your claim is approved, they'll arrange for applicable repair or replacement.
  3. Pay your deductible, sit tight and let our speedy claims process do its thing! If you're filing for an appliance, there's no deductible payment necessary.
  4. If your phone or tablet needs replacing, we'll send you a replacement device within one business day, along with a pre-paid shipping container so you can send your broken device to us. If your device needs repairs, we'll send you a pre-paid shipping container within one business day so you can mail it to us to be fixed. If in-home service is required for a larger device, we'll contact you within one business day to schedule a service appointment that is convenient for you.

Please note that, where applicable, if you fail to send your damaged device to us within 30 days, you will be charged up to the full retail amount for the replacement device and you won't be able to make any more claims on your Protection Plan.

QDo I have to pay a deductible?

A. Yes, for all devices other than appliances, you'll be required to pay a deductible. The deductible for claims on smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads and electronics valued at more than $200 are $50. Deductibles for claims on electronics valued at under $200 are $25. Deductibles for claims on Samsung touch-screen phones are $150. You can see deductible amounts for each of your devices in MyBubble. 

QDo I have to provide proof of purchase?

A. Proof of purchase may be required. You should keep a copy of your contract and the sales receipt for your covered item just in case they're required for you to obtain service.   

QWhat other documentation may be requested from me when I file a claim?

A. If you have filed multiple claims, more documentation may be requested from you. You may be required to provide a proof of purchase at the time of claim. Proof of Purchase means documentation, information or technology that identifies the purchase date, purchaser, make, model, device identifier and purchase price of the device. 

You may also be required to provide a signed, sworn proof of loss which sets forth, to the best of your knowledge and belief the date, time and cause of loss and the specifications of the reported loss to the covered device. The proof of loss must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the request, or your claim may be closed. You may also be required to submit to an examination under oath as well as an examination of the covered device either by us or our authorized representative, if requested. You must cooperate with us in the investigation or settlement of the claim.

QWhat happens after my claim is approved?

A. Once your claim is approved, your claim will be fulfilled using one of the following three options (varies by device type):

  1. Next-day replacement for phones and tablets – Our Next Day Replacement Guarantee provides assurance that if your claim is approved by 8pm and your device is in stock, you will receive it the following business day. If your device is not in stock, you will receive a check within 2 business days. If we do not meet these requirements for your claim, please contact us at with your name, policy number and claim number.
  2. In-home service – We will contact you within 24 hours of your claim's approval to schedule your in-home repair service as quickly as possible.
  3. Depot repair – We will send a package with prepaid shipping and packaging for your device. We will guarantee shipment of your repaired device within 5 business days of receipt at our repair facility.

QWhat should I do if my replacement device is different from my original one?

A. If you receive a replacement device and it is different from the device you originally protected, log into My Bubble to update your account. In some cases, you will need to cancel the old device and add your new device to the plan. If there are no changes to your plan, we'll assume that your replacement device is the same model as your old one.

QHow can I check on the status of my claim?

A. To check on the status of your claim, call us toll-free at 855-792-2355. We're right here in the US and are available to answer any of your claims questions. See this page for Call Center hours of operation.


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