Your Smartphone Can Save Your Life


It’s no question that our phones and tablets mean more to us than a way to make a phone call. These devices have evolved so greatly into our lives and can now be used as a method of safety and survival. But, just how “smart” is that smart phone of yours?


There are a number of apps designed to keep consumers aware and safe in the event of inclement weather, including The Weather Channel app which sends severe weather alerts, and WeatherSentry’s® Telvent which provides updates on anything from lightening safety to snow storm warnings.


Take for example, the relentless wildfires that have ravaged through Colorado’s Waldo Canyon. According to, the blaze has scorched 347 homes and nearly 20,000 acres just outside of Colorado Springs. The destruction of this fire is a sad reality for many Americans. But, two Colorado Springs residents (in their early 20s) of Waldo Canyon refused to sit back and watch… they took action to communicate with neighbors through a medium almost all of us have access to: the smart phone.


Robbie Trencheny and Scott Siebold created a mobile app called Waldo Canyon Fire Tracker, which kept the community informed with real-time updates on the wildfire and its path. According to them, the app only took 45 minutes to create, and many depended on the app to stay ahead of the fires.


When it comes to our phones, we depend on the device not only to be our connection to family, friends and business, but thanks to technology, it’s become our “life jacket” for dealing with the world around us. When you look at it that way, it’s only natural to want to keep these devices protected.

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