Your Checklist When Applying for Mobile Gadget Insurance

Mobile Gadget InsuranceThese days it’s very rare that you won’t see someone using a smartphone, tablet or some other type of electronic gadget while on the go.  Many use these gadgets simultaneously for business as well as pleasure. As mobile gadgets propagate around the globe, so does theft. Who gets the brunt if it gets stolen? If you don’t have insurance, then it will be you. No matter how careful we are when handling our mobile gadgets, accidents do happen. What becomes of your device when it’s damaged? It becomes useless.


Mobile gadget insurance provides you the coverage not included in the standard warranty terms such as: accidental damage, fire, water damage, and theft. More and more consumers are recognizing the important of protecting their investments against these types of scenarios.


You may be asking yourself, ‘how do I choose an insurance company?’ To help you make that choice, here’s a checklist of what you should be considering when purchasing insurance for your mobile gadget.


Read the Fine Print


Make sure that what you’re buying is actually what you need. Don’t settle for the cheapest one you can find, you need to look at the fine print and determine whether or not what you’re buying is something that fits your needs. Check for coverage, amount, deductibles and claims processing procedure and time.


Processing Times


Processing time can include the time your coverage begins and as well as the length of time it takes for you to get a claim once filed. Some insurers don’t begin immediately, so you need to check this out. You should also look into their promised claim processing time.


How Many Claims Can You Make


It is also safe to surmise that you can and may do damage to your mobile gadget more than once, so you should consider a mobile gadget insurance that allows you to claim more than once.


Ease of Registration


Hassle free registration is what we all want. A company that provides you an easy way to register or sign up for the insurance without any hassle is a definite plus!

In the end, purchase insurance that is worth your money and provides your mobile gadgets the protection it deserves. Protect Your Bubble’s mobile gadget insurance gives you peace of mind, protecting your gadgets from theft and damage. With better payment options, you get full coverage at a great price. The sign up process is really easy too. Go to the website and fill out the required information and voila! You’ve just got your mobile gadget insured. Yes, it’s really as easy as that.

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About Amy

Amy Hicks, is the Marketing Director for the US team at Protect Your Bubble. She has over 12 years of experience in branding, product development, direct marketing, digital marketing, and customer relationship management. She has held positions with agencies as well as Fortune 500 firms. Amy has a BA in Finance and a Master’s of Science and Marketing from Georgia State. She’s been in Atlanta for over 30 years and lives in Smyrna with her 2 fun, wild kids and husband. Follow her on Google.