Women Connect Online: Interview with Amy Hicks

Women Connect Online , a site where women and families connect with books, games, contests, interviews, books and more, recently interviewed Amy Hicks, the Marketing Director of Protect Your Bubble.


The topics of the interview ranged from the services and products provided by Protect Your Bubble, how the business benefits women and their families, to how she balances being a Mom, Wife and a Marketing Director.


Amy also gives advice to struggling business owners. “The market is ever-changing and so is the way consumers absorb information. Learn who your customers are and communicate with them when and how they want to be communicated with,” she says. “Learn about your internal team, your customers, the marketplace, and how to adapt to a changing marketing landscape. Remaining nimble in your marketing efforts will strengthen your overall success.”


Amy Hicks is an epitome of a young multi-tasking powerhouse which is becoming the norm for women today.


Check out Amy’s interview here:  “Business of the Month: Interview with Amy Hicks, ProtectYourBubble.com.”

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