Will Your Smartphone Survive a Water Damage Test?

In this age of technology, a smartphone is a must. You can do basically anything on this gadget. From making calls to taking pictures, browsing the internet to editing media; you could not have done these added functions with mobile phones 20 years ago. These features make us think that a smartphone is the most powerful gadget of all. However, it has its weaknesses such as battery life, durability and water (or anything liquid for that matter). It is Superman and its Kryptonite is anything liquid. Exposing your smartphone to liquid spills, such as water, results to smartphone liquid damage.


Protect Your Bubble, made a study on Smartphone water damage. The recent study posted on YouTube shows a user submerging a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an iPhone 5 in an aquarium.



The results show that the Samsung Galaxy S4 outlasted the iPhone 5. The first having lasted for 18.8 seconds while the latter lasted for 18.3 seconds. At the end of the video, it showed a statistics of 22% of damage claims that they received have been cases of smartphone liquid damage.


Smartphone liquid damage is a kind of smartphone damage that is owner-inflicted. It could just be plain carelessness or owners not paying much attention to their phones when on the beach, at a party or elsewhere. Having these occurrences can make you think: “why can’t there be water-proof phones?” Yes, there have been releases of water-proof smartphones recently. However, tech-savvies would want smartphones that can do it all and a water-proof feature is just a plus. The easiest way to protect a smartphone from liquids is to buy those expensive smartphone water-resistant cases that do not really aesthetically compliment the sleek smartphones now. Thus, the smartest, not to mention most cost-efficient, way to have your smartphone protected from smartphone liquid damage would be getting a mobile phone insurance.


We at Protect Your Bubble provide comprehensive and affordable iPhone 5 insurance and S4 insurance that allows you to receive a new phone in the event of liquid damage – among other cases! Learn more about us and our services by visiting http://us.protectyourbubble.com/. Avoid that sinking feeling of losing your smartphone just because you’re clumsy yourself. Reach out to us today.

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