What Would You Do Without Your Smartphone?

Have you ever broken or lost your smartphone? Do you now live in constant fear of it happening again? Do you double, triple and even quadruple check your pocket or unzip your purse to make sure you didn’t leave your phone at your last destination (and you breathe a BIG sigh of relief when you realize your phone is still there)? If your answer is yes, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. You’re simply one of the 66 percent of us that is afflicted with nomophobia.
You’ve never heard of nomophobia?
Nomophobia is a result of our profound reliance on our devices, more specifically the fear of being separated from one’s phone. In a world of never-ending technology, we have come to rely on our smartphones for just about everything, and according to research by Morgan Stanley, 91 percent of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. Now that we have the ability to stay connected with anyone and any piece of information at anytime, losing this channel of communication feels very unnatural causing serious levels of anxiety, stress and irritability.


Luckily, the fear of losing or breaking your phone can be treated with something as simple and affordable as gadget insurance. Insurance providers such as Protect Your Bubble bring ease to your gadget worries, seamlessly fixing or replacing your device, and even getting you a new one within 24 hours to help lessen the effects of that nuisance nomophobia.


We already have enough to worry about, so lets take one more thing out of the equation and make life simple.


Oh, and if reading this article made you want to look for your phone even more, you may really be the perfect candidate for gadget insurance.

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