Watch out, Samsung, Apple: BlackBerry comes back With BlackBerry 10

When is the last time a friend mentioned a BBM? BlackBerry, though a beloved phone for the business world, fell out of the spotlight in recent years as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S series, and even Windows phones took over the smartphone market. Though they may have fallen out of center ring for a spell, BlackBerry is coming back with a vengeance as they introduce BlackBerry 10 next week.


In December, Protect Your Bubble took at the rumors swirling around BlackBerry 10 and the various launches involved in the new OS. Since that analysis, a lot more information has been leaked about upcoming BlackBerry devices and their features. Here are our top 3 predictions/expectations for the January 30 announcement:


1. The Blackberry Z10 and BlackBerry X10 will be the two devices announced at the event.

Okay, okay, so it’s not like these two devices were top secret. The BlackBerry 10 launch does not appear to target the same shroud of mystery as a Samsung or iPhone launch; images, specs, and more have been so widely leaked about the BlackBerry Z10 and X10 that these devices seem almost guaranteed.


2. The BlackBerry Z10 will be a middle ground between the S3 and the iPhone 5.

The rivalry between Apple fanboys and the apostles of Android is about as friendly as when a New York sports franchise faces off against a team from Boston. With the flagship devices of each enterprise constantly being compared, we can see why the suspected specs of the BlackBerry Z10 fall as a perfect compromise between the two.



With so many leaks about the Z10, including this video comparing the device to the iPhone 5, specs seem to be fairly well known. Size wise, the Z10 will feature a 4.2″ screen, right between the 4″ iPhone and 4.8″ S3. The Z10 will go on to pull the best from each lineage, featuring a removable SD card and battery like the Samsung smartphones and a voice-activated “personal assistant” like Apple’s Siri while also pulling in elements from other smartphone greats, as BlackBerry 10 OS is expected to function much like the Windows smartphone OS does now.


3. The “L-Series” will feature more than just the Z10 and X10.

While two new smartphones is already a big reveal for BlackBerry, RIM is still expected to release, or at least mention plans for, other devices in the L-Series at the January 30th event. We’re hoping to see a new tablet in the mix, as rumors of a device nicknamed “Blackforest” have been circulating the web and the new OS is based on a system designed for tablets. Some sources have gone as far as to say that the new line will feature a total of six new devices.


Do you think BlackBerry will be able to solidify itself again as a top dog in the handset market? Weigh in with your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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