“Warranty on iPhone? Yes, please!” 3 Reasons You May Want to Consider Getting a Warranty for Your New iPhone5

If you’ve just outfitted yourself with Apple’s flagship device, the last thing you probably want to do is spend any additional money on it. But if you’re worried about the turbulence of life and how it may affect your new phone, you’ve undoubtedly realized how much you’ll have to shell out for a replacement in the worst-case scenario. Here are 3 quick reasons why you should get an additional warranty or insurance policy for your new gadget:


  1. If You Use Your Phone For Work, You’ll Want Backup Coverage
    Smartphones have become common in the workplace, and in 2013 they’re poised to become increasingly important for daily functions. If you need email, internet, blogging, and social media functions at your fingertips all day long for work purposes, then you don’t want to put yourself at an extreme disadvantage if your iPhone meets its maker prematurely. With the right coverage, you can get a replacement phone the next day, rather than visiting a retailer, wireless carrier, or Craigslist and spending $600 for a new one.
  2. Apple’s Traditional Warranty Only Covers The Things Least Likely To Go Wrong
    While it’s nice to know that any genuine hardware or manufacturing defects will be covered for an entire year after your purchase, there’s still a lot that can happen to you beloved iPhone that the basic warranty doesn’t even touch. Theft, loss, water damage, cracked screens, and dozens of other mishaps are waiting to inflict themselves on your new gadget. An additional warranty or insurance policy will protect you from the more serious threats out there.
  3. More Protection Will Give You The Peace Of Mind To Actually Use Your iPhone
    It’s inevitable that you’ll treat your device with kid gloves when you first get it. The iPhone 5 is an incredible marvel of modern technology: it’s sleek, futuristic, and combines the greatest technological advances of the last 2 decades into something that fits in your pocket. It’s just a great thing to have, and your first instinct will be to keep it as pristine as you possibly can. However, this motherly instinct may actually keep you from getting the most use out of your phone. It’s hard to treat it like the versatile tool it is if you’re constantly worried about scratching the screen or accidentally introducing it to a scalding mocha. Having a little extra coverage will let you relax a bit and start to test the limits of your phone.


For the cost of 2 mochas a month you can provide additional coverage to your device that protects you against the unforeseen accidents (like dropping those 2 mochas on your phone!).


Have we got you convinced yet? If so, take a look at everything that Protect Your Bubble’s iPhone insurance policy includes.

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