Tropical Storm Ernesto Could Turn into a Hurricane in Days

Most folks who live on or near the coast are very familiar with the threat of hurricanes this time each year. For those of you who have been watching the headlines, Tropical Storm Ernesto has entered the Caribbean. Experts are saying that the storm could turn into a hurricane, potentially affecting St Lucia, Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean, north of Venezuela, southeast of Puerto Rico and even Jamaica.


What does this mean for vacationers? Not only could the storm make for a soggy stay at the resort, but chances are the trip could be cancelled all together if evacuations are upheld. This is a bummer for those who have been fantasizing about tropical breezes, fruity cocktails, sun bathing and some good quality “chill-axing” time.


It’s not uncommon for resorts and cruises to refuse refunds from the investment the consumer has already made toward the trip, leaving them out the cash and, quite frankly, angry. Luckily, Protect Your Bubble offers travel protection plans that cover trip cancellation and trip interruption due to many factors (including acts of God), starting at just $14 per trip.


Before booking expensive getaways, consumers should visit for a quick two minute quote. Policy holders who are scheduled to travel to the Caribbean in the next few days may be sad about the possibility of cancelling their trip due to the weather, but at least they won’t be out the investment…they’ll just start planning their subsequent trip.

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