Top 10 New Features of the iPhone 5s

The new iPhone 5 has certainly generated a lot of great buzz for its versatility, style and technical advancements. But it is the new and improved features that have caused the most interest among iPhone fans. In fact, the new iPhone 5 has become highly popular and has only served to increase the status of Apple and this remarkable product.


New advancements are to be expected considering the purchase price and contract that goes with this product. Considering the advancements of other smartphones, it is little wonder than Apple has continued to add new and improved advancements to their considerably popular version. The iPhone 5 is certainly a very valuable investment that needs the protection of being insured in order to hasten repairs and replacement. You can find more information on iPhone 5s Insurance and the features that it offers.



Here are the top 10 new features of the iPhone 5s. The types of features that have created the greatest interest for the public represent the latest advancements of the remarkable iPhone product.


Greater Network Speed


Of all the advancements, this may be the most anticipated. The new built-in wireless LTE technology is now faster than ever before with pages that load nearly instantly. In addition, the Safari has a “Save for Later” feature that allows web pages to be viewed offline.


Better Camera


The camera of the iPhone 5 features improved HDR capabilities and the ability to take pictures at a faster rate. However, one of the most interesting new features is the 240 degree panorama which allows for wider single shots. Also, the iPhone 5 allows you to take photos without having to enter your password or even swipe your finger. This ability lets you take photos very quickly so that you may capture wonderful opportunities.


Improved Calling Options


The number of options, especially in how you respond to calls, has been greatly expanded. One of the more interesting features is that you can decline a call and then send a pre-determined text message to that particular person. This allows you to deal with incoming calls in your own fashion. Also, you can add reminders to call back people at another time. The new, improved options allow for more versatility when handling calls.


Larger, Brighter Screen


Not only does the iPhone sport a new 4” screen, it is nearly 20% brighter than the earlier versions of the iPhone, particularly the iPhone 4. This new, larger screen has allowed for some of the visual advancements to be enhanced to a further degree.


Email App Advancements


There are several ways that the email app has been improved, but the two most important ways are as follows:


  • New VIP email folder for all important messages.


This allows you to prioritize your emails so that the ones which are the most urgent can be responded to more quickly.


  • New Dictation features with email, notes and other types of apps.

Although this feature is not strictly new, as it had appeared with the iOS5 version, this new iOS6 version gets full use out of it. All you need to do is hit record on the keyboard and start talking. Once you have finished, simply press “Done” and that’s it. You will see what has just been said right on the screen. This is a remarkable time-saving device that can allow you to dictate emails, texts and notes quickly and easily.




That larger screen will be quite helpful when you use “FaceTime” over the cellular connection. This means that you do not have to find a solid Wi-Fi connection in order to enjoy the FaceTime feature. If you have AT&T, you will need to sign up for a new data share plan in order to enable this particular feature. One interesting angle is that this new features allows the iPhone to serve as a “hotspot” for laptops and other, similar devices which is a definite bonus.


Advanced Speakers & Audio Capabilities


Boasting three microphones, the iPhone 5 also features noise cancelling technology as well. The improvement is quite noticeable over the previous iPhone 4 on speakerphone. In addition to the new noise-cancelling technology are newly designed headphones that are more comfortable and fit more naturally into the ear.


More Integration with Facebook & Twitter


There is little doubt that social media has had a tremendous impact on smartphone usage. The iPhone 5 expands that integration with Facebook & Twitter by allowing you to post updates from the many different apps available in just a few clicks. Such advancements make it the perfect means for small businesses and entrepreneurs to maintain contact with their customer base.


Improved Siri


Siri has certainly come a long way in the past few years and the iPhone 5 holds new advancements for this particular program. Find a good restaurant, add a calendar reminder, email a friend or ask a thousand questions or more, Siri has expanded their services considerably with the iPhone 5. When added to the other advancements, particular in the audio & larger screen departments, this helps make Siri even more practical and functional.


Passbook Application


This new version of the Passbook app allows you to keep all of your tickets in a single place, letting you search for Passbook-type apps in the App Store. This means tickets such as boarding passes, movie tickets, and many different types can be safely kept inside your Passbook app for easy retrieval at a later time. In fact, the bar codes can be scanned right from the iPhone itself. Since Passbook works with time and location as well, that boarding pass will appear as you arrive at the airport, making it very convenient to use.


The numerous new features of the iPhone 5 are certainly impressive. For those who have purchased iPhone products before, this represents a new standard that will be difficult for rival smartphones to match. The various new features of the iPhone 5 only make the anticipation for the iPhone 6 even more palatable.


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