Top 10 Most Expensive Honeymoons in History

When it comes to celebrities and their honeymoons, the competition seems to center on which couple can hold the biggest, most extravagant honeymoon ever. Admittedly, these recent weddings pale in comparison to the olden days of kings and queens who spend arguably far more for their honeymoons than most modern celebrity couples could ever afford when you adjust for inflation.


Still, most celebrity couples, including a pair of royal couples, have spent a considerable amount of money on their honeymoons and here we have the top 10 most expensive, at least in recent times. While your honeymoon may not make the top 10 most expensive, you will need travel insurance to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  Check out the different policies available and find one that fits your needs. What follows is the top 10 most extravagant honeymoons in history.


Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren


This now-divorced couple certainly enjoyed one of the most expensive honeymoons in recent history, although a large part of the expense was the yacht, The Privacy, which was in turn given by Tiger to his bride. The yacht also served as the place where their honeymoon was set as they sailed around the Barbados Islands. The couple reportedly went straight from the wedding to the Sandy Lane Resort in the Barbados where they enjoyed their stay while not aboard the yacht. In total, it is estimated that Tiger Woods spent $57 million on the wedding.


Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston


While living rather modestly in some respects, at least compared to the fortune that they both had earned, this now divorced couple spent their honeymoon in the beautiful Sechylles, an island group in the Indian Ocean staying in the famed Fregate Island Resort. This exclusive resort only books 40 guest at a time, which was no issue with Brad and Jennifer since they booked all the rooms instead, insuring their complete privacy. The amount of money spent is not fully known, however, it was certainly one of the most expensive in recent years.


Prince Charles & Princess Diana


Certainly the most celebrated royal wedding in recent history, this power couple of a different sort chose a Mediterranean cruise for their honeymoon aboard the Royal Yacht Brittania. Naturally, they had all the privacy in the world while sailing in this rather large yacht and they also enjoyed plenty of peace and quiet since the crew was not allowed to shout, but instead they had to either write notes or use hand signals instead.


Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman


This couple certainly spared no expense as they flew via private jet to Bora Bora and rented the most expensive accommodations on the island, paying a whopping $15,000 per night to stay at the St. Regis resort. Reportedly, customs officers checked their passports while the couple waited on the plane. That price for the suite by the way included 24 hour butler service, a private pool and in-room Jacuzzi along with a view of one of the most spectacular islands in the world.


Prince William & Kate Middleton


Certainly this royal couple had fun gallivanting around a privately-owned island in the stunning Seychelles, which is located in the Indian Ocean, for 10 days while paying a reported $5,000 per night during their stay. During their entire honeymoon, they enjoyed 24 hour butler service and a personal chef. However, the actual price of their honeymoon stay soared well above $720,000 as they rented out all 11 villas on the island to insure their privacy. Unfortunately, despite all that expense photos of their honeymoon were leaked to the press a year later.


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes


This recently divorced couple certainly had one of the more extravagant and expensive honeymoons in recent history when they rented a private yacht and cruised around the beautiful Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean. Flying to their destination on a private jet, there were rumors that both of them dined in an underwater restaurant while on their honeymoon. Considering that they took 40 pieces of luggage and lot of toys for their child Suri, this certainly turned out to be one of the most expensive honeymoons on record.


Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky


The daughter of Bill & Hillary Clinton started their honeymoon adventure after a reported $2 million was spent on their wedding which took place in South Africa. However, the honeymoon including an all-expense paid safari tour through the deepest part of the countryside, certainly an expensive adventure to say the least.




Courtney Cox & David Arquette


Although their relationship has been over for a while, their honeymoon was certainly very impressive in terms of expense. Not wanting to stay in a single place, Courtney and David visited many different places on their honeymoon adventure including Disney World, Anguilla, Busch Gardens, Cap Juluca and also various places in the Caribbean as well. While not making their honeymoon the most expensive as compared to some others on the list, at least they visited more places for the money that they did spend.


Eva Longoria & Tony Parker


Spending their honeymoon at the exclusive Parrot Cay resort located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, this expensive, but absolutely stunning area of the Caribbean has been visited by many celebrities before on their honeymoons, including Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to name just one couple. This power couple enjoyed several days and nights at the resort and certainly racked up a hefty bill to put them on the list of most expensive honeymoons in recent years.


Jay Z & Beyonce


This celebrity power couple certainly had the resources to become number one on the list of most extravagant honeymoons in history. However, while we don’t know all the details of their honeymoon, it appears that they managed to keep it relatively tame compared to others who have gone further. In fact, they mostly stayed in the Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain, which is located in Arizona. We do know that they paid a cool $3,500 per night just for the private home which they rented.

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