Top 10 iPhone Apps to Help You Stay Healthy

It’s amazing what an iPhone can do, but did you know that among its many different abilities that it can help keep you in shape? There are actually a number of iPhone apps that can help you eat right, stay in shape and inform you about what is best for your health.


Of the many different iPhone apps dedicated to the health and physical fitness, there are 10 that really stand out.


1. My Fitness Pal


With this simple, yet highly effective app you can track the amount of food that you eat and the exercise activity that you perform on a daily basis. What makes this app special is how you can set your goals, put in your exercise activity and monitor your calorie intake all in one convenient app. You can even share all the results you have with your friends. Considering that it doesn’t cost anything, this is certainly a remarkable app.

2. 6 Pack Promise Plus


Are you trying to turn your one-pack into a 6 pack? If so, then 6 Pack Promise Plus provides you with four levels of intensity crafted from professional training exercises so you can get the abs that you want. The videos that come with this app are straightforward and clear in design so you can follow along easily. For those who want to develop the best 6 pack abs, this is the app for you and it’s all for free.


3. Lose It!


Another iPhone app that gets right to the point. Lose It! Motivates you on a daily basis to burn off the fat and lose the excess weight. This app can be programmed to your needs and will help you reach your goal. Inside the app are suggested challenges, a food calorie tracker and forums where you can talk to others about their weight loss as well and find new motivation to keep you on track. Considering that it is free, this may be the only part of your weight loss plan that doesn’t lose a thing.


4. WebMD


This very popular website is visited by millions of people who want to know more about all forms of health. From finding out about different illnesses and ailments to how to stay in good health, the WebMD app is certainly a necessity, especially for those concerned about their health and their family. The app itself is very easy to navigate and you can find out what you want quickly and easily. This is a must-have app for sure.



5. Pocket Yoga


Yoga is certainly one of the most popular fitness programs ever and this app helps you discover new moves and yoga exercises to get you in the best shape possible. This app allows you to take your yoga programs on the go. You can choose the duration of your yoga classes to best fit your schedule. Plus, you can even choose the environment for your yoga classes on the app as well such as “ocean” which just makes this app totally cool as well for only $3.99.






6. iMuscle


For those who want to build up their physique, the iMuscle app is for you. This app has over 450 different lifts, stretches and exercises designed to help you build the muscle. You can create your own workout routine and create a plan with goals that will help motivate you and provide the necessary guidance for you to succeed. Considering that it only costs $1.99, this is a surprising bargain for such a helpful app.


7. RunKeeper


This is a personal training app for those who like to run, jog or walk. This unique app keeps track of the distance covered using a GPS system, measures your heart rate to insure that you stay “in the zone” and even keeps track of the calorie count as well so you know how much you’ve burned away. The app also comes with a variety of exercises and even lets you play music and take pictures as well.


8. Family Doctor


Are you suffering from a cold? Perhaps you have an allergy or something else? If so, the Family Doctor is the app for you. This all in one health app lets you diagnose the symptoms quickly and efficiently. The Family Doctor uses the same basic approach as all physicians in asking you “Yes or No” questions until the proper diagnosis is reached. There are charges for children, adults, men, women and a chart finder that helps as well. This is a remarkably intuitive app that helps you identify and diagnose your illness anytime for a single download fee of only $4.99.


9. Fitocracy


This unique app combines weight loss with the thrill of gaming to make for an interesting experience in shedding the pounds. Fitocracy is a community-based network that lets users interact with people who are also trying to lose weight and try to beat each level as it is presented. You can set your weight loss goals, find motivation in others who are also shedding the pounds and have fun playing games. This is certainly a remarkable app that is both fun and free.


10. Dining Out Guide


Based on the successful publication “Dining Out Success Guide” which is only available to client of Jenny Craig, the Dining Out Guide is a free app that is available to everyone. You get a full nutritional guide that lets you accurately measure and control the portions that you eat so you can lose the weight. While you don’t have access to the online tools that only Jenny Craig clients are privileged, you can make far better choices about what to eat both eating in and dining out.





All 10 of these health and fitness apps are perfect for those who want to get into better shape, learn about what illness they may be suffering and find the perfect workout routines to shed the pounds and live a longer, healthier life. Did you know that you can get iPhone insurance? Help protect your investment and find out more about this form of protection by visiting this

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