Toddlers & Mobile Gadget Insurance – Why You Need It

Would you give your toddler $700 dollars in cash?  I can just imagine the scenarios of what my kids would do. They would decorate it with stickers, maybe hone their scissor cutting skills, perhaps color it or stash it away in hard to find places… you get the idea!
Yet, I don’t think twice about handing over my smartphone to my tech savvy toddler – whether we are in the car, waiting at doctor’s office or at the store.  But kids will be kids and even with their hi-tech minds, accidents can and will happen.


Read on for the top 5 things my kids have accomplished while using my phone and why it is important for you to go and grab an insurance policy for your own mobile phones as well.


My kids have:


  1. Painted my phone with peanut butter and jelly.
  2. Launched my phone down a flight of stairs.
  3. Successfully dialed work colleagues and proceeded to hang up on them.
  4. Left my phone in my Dad’s car in AZ, when we were on our way to the airport to catch a flight back to Atlanta.  (When I was finally reunited with my phone, you should have seen the selfies of my son’s little face smiling back at me!)
  5. Dropped my husbands’ phone in the toilet.

If you are like me and you let your toddler wreak havoc on your phone, then maybe it’s time to get mobile gadget insuranceIt’s affordable and easy to acquire, at only about $7.99/month for phones or $9.99/month for tablets, you don’t have to worry about lost or broken phones and tablets. These policies protect your gadgets against loss, water damage, cracked screens and more!   So you don’t have to worry that your toddler has gotten a hold of your phone, you can rest easy even if he dunks your phone like a submarine in your aquarium!


Visit for the easiest way to acquire mobile gadget insurance at affordable rates. Check it out now!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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