Think Your Galaxy S4 Warranty is Sufficient? 5 Reasons It May Not Be Enough Protection

Many manufacturers of cell phones and similar products do provide warranties on their products. That’s the good news. The bad news? It’s often not enough coverage for the most common incidents that happen to a Galaxy S4 smartphone.


Being human, it is in our nature to make mistakes. As such we might get in an accident with our phone, we might get it stolen or it can just break down due to mechanical failures. Warranties just don’t cover these types of common scenarios. However, insurance ensures that you get a warranty plus more.


With a reliable insurance company that specializes in covering gadgets and electronics like the Samsung Galaxy S4, you don’t have to go through the pains of mourning your lost device and saving to get a new one. So why choose insurance over an S4 warranty? Here are 5 reasons:


  1. Warranty is only subject to coverage for damages that are considered normal such as the expected wear and tear within a certain limited time frame. Insurance on the other hand, is not limited to just the expected malfunctions.
  2. Warranty is a contract while insurance is a policy that is often much more comprehensive and tailored to the normal incidents that happen to your phone from daily use.
  3. If you have an accident with your S4 and it is not considered the normal wear and tear, then nothing will come out of it.  You will be left on your own to fix it. This is not the case with insurance. Same goes with theft if you choose an S4 insurance brand that covers this common occurrence.
  4. With insurance you can choose your level of protection. Therefore, if you know that you are clumsy you have the option to spend a little more on the insurance.
  5. The main difference between the two – and the most important – is that one provides you protection for your lifestyle and your beloved phone


The choice of how much you will get from your insurance plan will depend on how much you are willing to pay for it in the first place. Different insurance companies will over different plans with each plan varying from each other in terms of cost or implementation efficiency.


To choose the right insurance company, you have to gauge the chances of getting your S4 in trouble and then consider the term and conditions each company offers and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Beware that some companies will cover some specific problems while other will not. For instance, one cover could protect you from theft and fail to come by when you drop your phone in water.


We at Protect your give you the chance to do all this at a pocket-friendly monthly rate. Avoid the stress, prolong the longevity of the relationship with your beloved phone and consider purchasing a plan today.

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Amy Hicks, is the Marketing Director for the US team at Protect Your Bubble. She has over 12 years of experience in branding, product development, direct marketing, digital marketing, and customer relationship management. She has held positions with agencies as well as Fortune 500 firms. Amy has a BA in Finance and a Master’s of Science and Marketing from Georgia State. She’s been in Atlanta for over 30 years and lives in Smyrna with her 2 fun, wild kids and husband. Follow her on Google.