The Top 5 Tips for Cruise Ship Safety

Cruise disaster and tips to avoid catastrophe on your next cruise vacationWith a recent cruise disaster on everyone’s minds, you might be more apt to cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” when preparing for your next cruise vacation. We don’t blame you. Vacationing on the water is quite a different experience and there are many considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. By following these five cruise safety tips, your next water-logged vacation will be free of mishaps.


  1. Don’t Float with a Failure:  Each cruise ship is inspected for cleanliness, safety, water filtration, pest control and so much more. Every area of the ship is graded according to the requirements of the Vessel Sanitation Program of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Research your choices by contacting the department for the “report cards” for each company to see where they stand on the important issues of cruise ship safety.
  2. Safe and Secure:  To help insure the safety of the passengers’ valuables, cruise lines provide space in the onboard vault for those special items you wish to store. Passports, return tickets, and jewelry should all be kept in the cruise safe, not in the one provided in your rooms. Storing items in your cabin safe can be as unsecure as leaving them sitting on the table.
  3. Copy that: Make two copies of all important documents like passports, driver’s license and credit cards and leave one copy with a trusted friend on land. The other copy should be kept in a separate, secure place and the original documents should be in the cruise safe. This will ensure that you always have the valuable information available.
  4. Negotiations: Land excursions can be risky so prepare in advance for the potential pitfalls of adventures on foreign soil. You can join the planned adventures that the cruise line offers which are more expensive but also more secure. If you decide to venture on land alone, be on guard and make sure to determine prices for everything in advance, especially cab fare. The last thing you want is to take a cab somewhere you don’t know and argue with the cabbie over the fare because you didn’t determine the price beforehand.
  5. Consider Cruise Insurance: Having the right cruise insurance can be hugely beneficial for safety. Travel insurance can help travelers with a long list of issues including medical expenses and lost baggage. For prices as low as $14 for a single trip, we at Protect Your Bubble can insure travelers for numerous unexpected cruise safety issues. Protect Your Bubble provides coverage for medical, dental, and ID theft related emergencies.  We also provide assistance and compensation in the event of travel delays, missed connections, and lost or delayed baggage.  Our 24/7 concierge and emergency assistance team is ready to help when you need us.

Vacations are special events that many of us don’t take as often as we should. So make time to do the prep work. By protecting yourself during these rare moments of relaxation with the tips above, you can help keep the stress away with the ocean breeze in your hair, the sunset at your back and a frosty beverage in hand.


Photo source credit: Houston Chronicle

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