The Top 5 Craziest Cell Phone Accidents

As a smartphone and gadget insurance company, we know better than anyone that accidents happen. Despite your best intentions to keep your beloved phone and tablet safe. Take a look at our 30-second commercial, “When Stupid Things Happen to Your Smartphone,” then read below about the Top 5 Craziest Cell Phone Accidents – and make sure these mishaps don’t happen to you! Of course, if you are accident prone, you might want to give our smartphone insurance a second look.

Despite being one of our most important possessions, a large majority of us break our cell phones on a daily basis. Some of these cell phone accidents are simply that – an accident. But sometimes people just do dumb things that result in their cell phones ending up broken. No longer can you casually push your friends into the pool without fear of having to pay to replace their very expensive cell phone.


Here are some of the funniest and craziest ways people have had cell phone accidents:


  1. A woman walking her dog on the beach had her cell phone stolen by a sea gull
  2. A couple re-enacting the “I’m King of the World” scene from Titanic tried to take a photo with their phone and ended up dropped it over the side of the cruise ship.
  3. A man accidently drilled a hole through his phone
  4. Lots of people walk and text resulting in them running into things and dropping their phones
  5. Some people have even dropped their phones in their drinks


Oddly enough, a large amount of people break their phones by dropping them in the toilet. Or forgetting it in their pocket and washing their clothes.


Recently, T-Mobile hired a market research company to find the craziest things people would do to save their smartphone from destruction.


  • 59% of cell phone owners said they would reach into a toilet to retrieve their phone
  • 63% would dig through garbage if they thought their phone was in it
  • 25% would fight a thief trying to steal their cell phone
  • 17% would venture onto a train track or into a tunnel for their phone
  • 12% would run into traffic if they dropped their phone in the middle of the street


Crazy things happen and sometimes our cell phones are the victims.  There is hope though. We at Protect Your Bubble have the answer. Visit us to find out more on cell phone insurance so the next time you have a cell phone accident, you won’t be stuck paying out of pocket for a new one.




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