The Essential Back To School Checklist

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It’s that time of the year, children are starting school soon. There is always a long list of items that must be purchased in preparation regardless of age. Beat back to school stress with this essential back to school checklist for all grades!


1. Backpack & Bagsnorthface backpack

Younger children prefer backpacks, if your children are a bit older – particularly in junior high or high school – they usually carry very heavy loads, so it’s ideal to spend a little extra on rugged, durable, chest strapped backpacks. College bound students usually prefer sling bags and North Face backpacks for their laptops and tablets.  North Face is the preferred choice for students who want to conform to societal norms.




2. Clothing

Be sure to buy shirts, pants, socks, and underclothing. Don’t forget to get new shoes too because your child’s feet are getting Shaq size. There are some students that require more than one pair, either for gym or athletic programs. You also want to have athletic or gym cloths if they’re required. These could include sweat suits, shorts, and t-shirts. Sweaters and lightweight jackets are usually needed for the cool early mornings, and heavier coats will be needed within a few months of school starting. Majority of schools have dress codes, so it’s a good idea to get a copy of that for reference before you go shopping for clothes.


3. School Suppliesti-83

This includes notebook paper, spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, dividers and binders among other things. Most kids need all of these regardless of grade. Younger children might need art paper and older children might need a graph set, so the needs vary but the basics tend to stay the same. An oversized calculator is a great addition to the school supply checklist unless your kid is required to buy a scientific calculator.  TI-83’s are a must in more advanced math classes.


4. Schedule Doctor and Dental Appointments

Many kids need certain immunizations before school starts. Athletes in middle and high school need a routine athletic checkup. Find out if the school would certain medical forms for your child’s doctor to sign. Your child’s school may or may not require a physical exam, but it is highly recommended that he/she gets one annually from infancy through the teen years. An updated health check is always a great way to start the school year. Don’t forget about the dentist too!

dentist back to school

bagged pizza5. Plans for Breakfast, Lunch, and Overall Nutrition

Plan meals ahead of time, and pack healthy lunches for your children to make sure that they are eating nutritious food, rather than snacks and soft drinks from the vending machine.  Cafeteria lunches can be a hit or miss so make sure you know the lunch schedule beforehand and plan accordingly. Every kid loves prepackaged bagged pizza! Try to promote an active lifestyle, rather than a sedentary one for your child, and make sure he/she is getting enough sleep. It’s also important to keep stocked up on healthy snacks for your kids to eat when school is out.



6. Family Calendar

Put up a family calendar on the fridge so everyone will see it regularly. It will help keep everyone up-to-date on each other’s appointments, classes, and events. Nobody will miss a rehearsal, baseball practice, or music lesson. Talk about “no child left behind!”


The school year can be a crazy time, but you can simplify the transition of going back to school by having a checklist of everything your child needs. Make this new school year awesome!



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