The 6 Loudest College Football Stadiums


Michigan Stadium - the largest stadium in the NCAA

Sports and incoherent loud rambling are a big part of college life. I myself am one of those crazy ramblers.  I’ve been on a mission to visit as many college football stadiums as possible.  Right now I’ve been to 14 different stadiums. Here is my annual list of the most fearsome and electrifying college football stadiums that bring the noise.


6. Tiger Stadium (LSU)


Tiger Stadium - the sixth largest stdium in the NCAA

Tiger Stadium is home to the LSU Tigers and is the sixth-largest stadium in the NCAA and often referred to as “Death Valley” and “Deaf Valley” by many.  Why you ask?  Because you can count on either the LSU football team pummeling the opposing team or LSU fans screaming until your ears bleed.  If you have cochlear implants, I highly suggest you get them surgically removed before entering Tiger Stadium.


5. Kyle Field (Texas A&M)

kyle field taxes a&m

Kyle Field - the third largest stadium in the NCAA

Nobody does Saturday afternoon in the fall like the people in College Station, TX – home of the Texas A&M Aggies. Kyle Field is more than just a field; it is the third largest stadium in the NCAA.  Kyle Field is home of the 12th man – the fans! The fans support their team so much that they stand throughout the entire game, except when the opposing band plays at halftime or when their legs tire. Football in Texas brings joy to people of all ages unless you’re a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the forever incompetent Jerry Jones.


4. Lane Stadium/Worsham Field (Virgina Tech)

lane stadium worsham field vtech

Lane Staduim - the 37th largest stadium in the NCAA

When it comes to home field advantage, no stadium can compare to Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium. Located in Blacksburg, VA, the stadium can hold more than 11,000 screaming Virginia Tech engineers in the student section.  With that amount of berserk engineers, the collective cognitive capacity would be capable of mathematically solving why their team is so bad annually.  The stadium was once ranked No. 1 in home-field advantage by and No. 2 in ESPN’s “Top 10 Scariest Places to Play.”


3. Neyland Stadium (University of Tennessee)

neyland stadium tennessee vols

Neyland Stadium - the fifth largest stadium in the NCAA

Home of the Tennessee Vols, Neyland Stadium has a style of its own.  It is the fifth largest stadium in the NCAA. The checkerboard end zones will make you subconsciously want to eat Checkers while watching the game (Checkers marketing team – get on this). The crowd is known for constantly chanting throughout games; those who do not like catchphrases are often advised to stay away from the stadium. One nice attraction of the stadium is the the Tennessee River, where fans arrive by boat and tailgate hours before and after the game.  Then they will stumble back onto their boats and disappear into the night like Batman.


2. Notre Dame Stadium (Notre Dame)

notre dame stadium

Notre Dame Stadium - the eighteenth largest stadium in the NCAA

The Notre Dame Stadium was constructed in 1930 after coach Knute Rockne threatened to resign if his Fighting Irish didn’t get a stadium more befitting their national stature. As the eighteenth largest stadium in the NCAA, it is known for Hail Mary’s – the prayer and the play.  Jimmy Clausen GOAT.  Since 1964, the school has sold out every game but one. The only non-sellout over that time was a Thanksgiving Day game vs. Air Force in 1973 when students weren’t on campus.  Students are typically stoic like a monk asking for forgiveness, but when game time starts expect students to confess their desire to drop the hammer on their opponents like Pontius Pilate.  As a sign of their dedication, Notre Dame students also hold rousing pep rallies every Friday night because there is nothing else to do on campus.


1. Sanford Stadium (University of Georgia)


Sandford Stadium - the tenth largest stadium in the NCAA

Woof woof woof! Bulldogs fans are known to bark at opposing, mild-mannered fans who show up in hostile territory to support their team.  Arf arf arf! The barking begins well before kickoff and doesn’t stop until the opposing team has left with their spirits crushed – that’s the intimidation factor at Sanford Stadium, the tenth largest stadium in the NCAA.  There’s nothing more defeating than trying to escort your children back to your Dodge Caravan as grown men bark at you and your family.


Thanks for reading and safe travels if you decide to visit any of these stadiums!


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