The 6 Best Selfies of All Time

6.  The Selfie that Got Selfies Banned from the White House David Ortiz-Barack Obama Selfie

When the Boston Red Sox visited the White House on April 1st, the famous baseball slugger David Ortiz took what seemed like an innocent selfie with the POTUS, Barack Obama.  The world later learned that it was a marketing stunt by Samsung.  As a result, the White House banned selfies with the President.  Some Olympians who visited the White House last week confirmed the ban.  Thanks a lot Big Papi!



5.  The Plane Fire Selfie plane fire selfie

There’s a fire on the plane?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Well apparently this guy did, as he took a gleeful selfie before the flames engulfed first class.



4.  The Oscar Selfie


Ellen Degeneres took a selfie via Bradley Cooper with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and tweeted the photo which captured an overwhelming response resulting in millions of retweets, which beat Obama’s previous record.  We later learned that this was a Samsung marketing stunt.  Samsung has been on a roll this year with their marketing campaign, just in time for their Samsung Galaxy S5 launch.



3.  The Opposition Leader Selfie

leopoldo lopez selfie

Venezuela recently went through a round of protests as anti-government supporters pushed for political reforms.  The movement was lead by Leopoldo Lopez, the pro-democratic leader who wants to change the years of socialist rule under the late Hugo Chavez.  Lopez took this selfie before getting arrested for inciting violence.  He was resilient throughout his arrest, telling his supporters to not turn down for anything.



Seconds after his selfie.



2.  The Plane Survivor Selfie

place crash survivor selfie

Planes are not having a good year, just ask CNN.  A small passenger aircraft crashed off the shores of Hawaii in December last year.  Ferdinand Puentes was one of the survivors and snapped this selfie moments after the plane crash.  Not fearing the shark infested waters, he took the selfie as a reminder to never swim in shark infested waters again.



1.   The Astronaut Selfie

astronaut selfie

Not many people get the opportunity to take a selfie in space.  Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide snapped this picture at the International Space Station in September 2012.


gravity gif

Preoccupied with the photo opportunity, Hoshide regretfully forgot to attach his tether before departing the ISS.


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