The 5 Top Tips When Looking For College Rental Apartments

So you’re off to college and you want to rent an apartment rather than live in a dorm. You will certainly gain more independence when you do this but with it carries some responsibilities.  Aside from considering how much the rent will be, there are some things that you need to take into consideration when looking for college rental apartments.
Here are 5 top tips to consider.


Apartment Hunt Early


Keep in mind that you will not be the only one looking for an apartment, chances are more than half of your class will be looking for one too, so if you want to grab the best apartment in terms of location, price, size and all considerations, you need to hunt and secure your desired apartment early. This will help you avoid the hassle of competition for the apartment.


Where is the Apartment Located?


Location is the key to finding the right apartment. It should be near enough to your school that you can afford to a few minutes of delay in the mornings, especially for those times that you had a late night due to schoolwork or parties. Another good location for rental apartments are near a convenience or grocery store, so should you run out of supplies, you don’t have to travel so far to restock. How safe the neighborhood is also an important factor, you might have to go home late at some point and you don’t want to keep looking over your shoulder while walking home, right?


You should also look at college rental apartments carefully, check out the actual state the apartment is in, tour the apartment if you can, look at the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Find out how clean or dirty it is or if you need to renovate or at the very least repaint the unit. Check out any damage to the property that needs to be repaired, like broken floorboards or tiles and if all the utilities (electricity, water, gas) are in good working condition.


Utility and Maintenance Responsibilities


You should also check the utility and maintenance considerations. Check how much you will be paying for water, electricity, gas and other utilities, most apartments have separate meters and you have to pay for your actual consumption while others include them in the rental, or have specific fees for it, find out what the landlord’s policies are with regards to this.


You should also find out if you need to help out with the maintenance works on the building likes snow plowing or raking leaves, and if ever, you should also find out who provides the necessary equipment to do all those stuff as well.


Financial Considerations


Look over the lease agreement, make sure you are aware of the length of the contract as well as the exact monthly rental fee, as there might be charges added on to the rental that you might have to pay as well, the published rate might be for the use of the unit only and there might be additional charges that will be applied to the rent, it is a good idea to be aware and see if you can still afford the rent after all the add-ons. The apartment owner might also require a security deposit; find out how much it will be as well as any late fees they charge, just in case you’ll be late in paying the rent. You can also check if you can get a discount on the rate if you pay earlier or if you acquire the apartment for a prescribed period of time.


Renters’ Insurance


You might be a very careful and responsible renter but unavoidable events like fire, vandalism and theft can happen without us inviting it in and more often than not the owner’s insurance policy will cover for the apartment building itself but not for your personal belongings inside the apartment.  Clothes, furniture, expensive gadgets like laptops, tablets even the television or your cellphone will be at risk.  You might go out all night, spend the night at a classmate’s’ house to finish a project, or maybe even just hop on to a bar to unwind and you come back and see your apartment in shambles. Your college rental apartment is vulnerable to thieves just waiting for an opportune time to break into your house and take all your precious stuff.


There you go, you are now ready to go apartment hunting, remember to keep all of these things in your mind to ensure that you will find the best apartment to fit your needs and Protect Your Bubble’s renters insurance will go a long way to provide you with peace of mind, assured that the property inside your apartment is safe and protected and you can concentrate more on what is important and that is finishing your studies.




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