The 2013 Gift Guide for Your Technology-Loving Loved One

Gift-giving is an annual activity and you may be running out of ideas for that hard-to-please or person-who-has-everything loved one in your life. To come to your rescue we have put together a few of the top 2013 gifts made just for you and for your techno-loving friends and family. Here are sure-to-be-memorable gift ideas which you can consider for different interests:


Good Gifts for Health-Buffs


A Wrist-Worn PedometerTracking Device – with updated technology, this gadget monitors the steps and calories burned to provide your health-buff friend another way to stay fit and trimmed!


Puretoes – these footwear looks like flippers but they are used for different activities like dancing, martial arts, yoga and many more.


Camelbackhydrobak – a unique way to stay hydrated. This is a perfect water pack that provides a hand-free hydration. Perfect for runners, hikers and all outdoor-activity enthusiasts.


Interesting Gifts for the Environmentalist


Plant A Tree – plant a tree in your loved one’s name.


Free Tickets For Vacation Volunteer – make a memorable gift by giving your little environmentalist something to do this vacation.


Adopt a Sea Creature – what could get any more interesting than this? To know further, visit your local environmentalist.


Gift Ideas For Your Techy Kids


The Nabi 2 Tablet – with different tablets existing on the trends, why not keep your kid at par with the latest technology? It has kid-friendly features, parent-approved apps and a powerful interface.


Hot Wheels Car Maker – your kid will truly love designing, customizing, building, and racing his own car.


Playskool Rocktivity Mix N Crawl DJ Ball – this is no ordinary ball, it rolls around like a ball but wait there’s more – it includes lights, music, shapes triggers and a fun turntable with modern music.


Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone


Pour wine without pulling the cork – wine lovers will truly love this gift! It makes use of inert gas argon to do so.


Broadcaster Wi-Fi Cam – no longer will your loved one have to use the computer to do video chat. This is mobile so it can be used anywhere!


Elite Screens YardMaster Outdoor Screen – perfect for geeky couples who want to watch movies in the comfort of their pool or hot tub. Completely waterproof, portable and techy.


Cell phone insurance to go with that pricey new gadget – sure, it may not be the most electrifying gift out there, but believe me, if an unfortunate incident happens to that new device you will come out looking like the hero of the century.


These are just a few gift ideas. Good luck shopping out there this season, and a very happy holidays from the team at Protect Your Bubble.

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