Infographic of the Day: Identity Theft During Tax Season

The 2014 tax filing deadline is quickly approaching.  The last day to submit your tax return is Tuesday, April 15.  For you last minute filers, be mindful of tax scams that prey on people who are hastily filing their taxes before the deadline.  Protect Your Bubble has compiled some important identity theft facts and protection tips, presented in beautiful infographic format!

 Identity Theft Infographic - Tax Season


Interesting points from the infographic:

  • In 2013, the IRS started 1,492 criminal investigations related to identity theft, up 66% from the previous year.
  • Identity theft cases related to tax season are up 43% since 2010.
  • Since 2012, the IRS has stopped 14.6 million suspicious tax returns.
  • Identity Theft cases rise during tax season.  Protect Your Bubble data shows that these cases are typically 14% higher in March and 21% higher in April.

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