Protect Yourself Against Coffee Shop Phone Theft

Coffee shops are where people hang out to chill after work, catch up with old friends, and meet for business deals. With the busy-ness of the coffee shop culture, there is no wonder that it is a prime spot for phone theft. Watch the video below to know the risks involved in using your gadgets in a coffee shop.



It’s undeniable — coffee shops are now a mainstay in many professionals’ daily life as this video shows us. And the thieves know it too. So whether you bring your gadgets with you to coffee shops as a force of habit, or use it to work, or just use it to update your social networks while taking a break, one thing is clear: you have to mind your tech. Your tools of technology, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a netbook, or a laptop, are clearly at risk inside a coffee shop.


It is easy for a thief to just walk by, pick up your gadget, and leave the premises unnoticed. Unless the coffee shop is equipped with CCTV cameras, it is practically untraceable when someone just walks away with your cell phone. The crime is seamless and the perpetrators will get wealthier by a few hundred dollars more after reselling the stolen phones.


Protect your investment by getting insurance for your gadgets. Combine that with a decent phone theft app and you’ll be all set to hang around the coffee shop at the corner, secure in the knowledge that you have have protected yourself again coffee shop phone theft.



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