5 Ways to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life & Performance

low-batteryFor a lot of people, smartphones are like a self-extension of oneself as our lives have become increasingly dependent on it.  We utilize our phones in a multitude of ways like browsing the internet, making phone calls, sending emails, texting, and updating Instagram (determining the right filter to use has become an art form). If we take a moment to reflect, we realize that smartphones are essentially a miniaturized PC. Like a PC, your phone should be continually optimized to improve its lifespan. Over a period of time, it can get congested with unnecessary bloatware from installing numerous apps, which in turn can lead to increased susceptibility of crashing, freezing, and battery draining. For avid phone users, the battery never seems to last as long as the manufacturer states. Battery performance has become a big issue with the rise of more demanding smartphones.


Here are 5 ways to improve your phone’s battery life and performance.


Bright Light


phone brightness

Bright screens can sear your retinas.

Your phone’s display is usually the leading cause of poor battery performance. Constant use of your phone will keep the display on and drain your battery. Furthermore, the brightness of your screen has a big impact on battery life as a high brightness increases battery use. You can easily improve battery life adjusting the brightness level down. Although displays are definitely the most stunning at full brightness, you should turn it down a notch to about a quarter of the way from the lowest level to prevent your battery from being drained.


Screen Saving


Another step you should take to optimize your phone is to update its sleeping habits. Lowering the amount of time it takes before the screen goes into standby mode can greatly improve your battery life. On Android devices, you can access the display settings and set your device to sleep after 15 seconds. For iOS devices, there is an auto-lock feature that can be found under the general settings – the shortest timeframe for locking is a minute.


Kill Apps


A smartphone’s ability to multitask across several applications is awesome, but you don’t necessarily need the Facebook or YouTube app wasting memory resources and battery life when running in the background. Many smartphone users do not realize that a lot of apps often run idly in the background, so it is recommended to completely close apps when they are not in use. This will not only improve battery life, but improve the speed of your phone’s performance as it frees up memory allocation.


Location Services



Location services is useful for the NSA.

Applications that use location services such as Foursquare, iOS Camera, and Google Maps regularly check your location and eat up your battery life. In order to preserve battery juice, simply turn location services off.


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth


Accessing the internet is a major contributor to your phone’s battery usage. Depending on your settings, your phone could systematically be looking for a Wi-Fi signal, even if you’re nowhere near a connection. If you’re not planning to go online, turn off your Wi-Fi connection.  4G internet access can also have detrimental effects on your battery life.  If possible, try reducing your wireless internet connection to 3G or eliminating the internet connection (airplane mode) when not in use. Similar to Wi-Fi and depending on your settings, your phone could be constantly searching for Bluetooth enabled devices within reach, which will deplete your battery. Additionally, having the Bluetooth feature enabled when not in use slowly drains your battery as well.  Turn it off when necessary.


These tips and tricks can help improve your phone battery life and performance.  Conveniently, there are also several apps out for Android and iOS devices dedicated to reducing battery consumption.

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