Top 5 Myths About Pet Health Insurance

In the United States, only about 1% of pet parents have pet health insurance. This figure is abysmal when compared to 30% to 50% in other countries. Pet Lifestyle expert Kelly Diedring Harris attributes this sad state of affairs to the top 5 myths about pet health insurance. You can watch this video to find out what these myths are or read the notes below:




1. Pet health insurance is too expensive.


At some point in the past, this was true. But there’s affordable pet health insurance plans now. You can buy packages for $30/month or less, depending on the coverage that you want. When you consider this amount against a thousand dollar surgery – keep in mind that 92% of dogs will need surgery at one point or another – then paying $30 a month isn’t too much.


And let’s face it, veterinary surgery costs ways more than a thousand dollars.


2. Pet health insurance is only for sick pets.


Absolutely not true. As mentioned above, your cats and dogs, or any pet for that matter, will be in a pet emergency at least once in their lives. Furthermore, they’ll need routine pet care, e.g. vaccinations to keep them healthy. These procedures cost hundreds of dollars and if you didn’t budget for it, you’re going to make some very hard decisions that will affect the life of your pet. Having pet health insurance is like saving for pet emergencies and expensive pet care.


3. Pet health insurance has too many exclusions to be worth it.


Back in the 90’s it did. But nowadays pet health insurance plans cover a lot, including pre-existing conditions that haven’t shown up in the last 6 months. Depending on the plan that you’ll buy, plans may cover medical emergencies, routine pet care, alternative therapy and pet behaviors.


4. You cannot choose your own vet.


Not true at all. Any licensed veterinarian can treat your pet if they are willing to work under the plan.


5. Pet insurance is a hassle.


It’s not a hassle anymore. With just click of your mouse, it will be easy to find out exactly what plans cover and if you have any questions, you can contact the insurer to get more details.
And what’s the real hassle is not having the money to pay for expensive pet surgeries. There are many pet parents who have to make the hard decision to give up their pets because they do not have the money for pet care. With ongoing pet health insurance, you will never have to make that decision.


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