Top 10 Celebrity iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S Phone Users

Celebrities are certainly like the rest of us in one respect, they love their smartphones. In fact, we often see them showing off their latest phone in paparazzi pictures and when promoting their TV shows or movies. Naturally, just as their fans are so interested in their activities, they also are interested in their phones as well.

david beckham iphone

David Beckham expresses his enjoyment of the Lakers game.

Unsurprisingly, it was easy to find the top ten celebrities who use the iPhone and those that use Samsung as their primary smartphones. Staying in touch with their fans is certainly part of their job and it’s no surprise that each celebrity has their own taste in smartphones.

iphone vs galaxy

Which celebrities prefer the iPhone over the Galaxy S?

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Top 10 Celebrity iPhone Users



Victoria Beckham listening to her husband's text.

David & Victoria Beckham  – Arguably the greatest football player of our generation, David Beckham has thrilled sports fans around the world with his incredible talents as well as his stunning looks. What is also true is that you’ll see many photographs of Beckham using his iPhone which has become a valuable part of his personal gear. Needless to say, his wife Victoria Beckham also uses the iPhone as well.


Brad Pitt – Still one of the world’s sexiest men and huge movie star, Brad Pitt is a proud owner of the iPhone and is frequently photographed by paparazzi while using it.


Ellen Degeneres – America’s #1 daytime talk show host and now twice hosting the Academy Awards, Ellen has legions of fans around the world thanks to her sharp wit and wonderful sense of humor. There is little doubt that Ellen is a big iPhone fan as well, tweeting back in September upon the release of the iPhone 5C, “You guys, I just heard the new iPhone can read your mind. I didn’t even type this. I thought it.”


Jon Cryer – The star of the long-time running hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men” is also seen frequently with his iPhone.


Halle Berry – This Oscar-winning actress is also a recent fan of the iPhone, having recently shifted from a Blackberry.  Needless to say, she is certainly pleased and is often seen around Hollywood talking on her new iPhone.


Jessica Alba – Still one of the hottest stars on the planet is another actress who has recently left her Blackberry behind for the iPhone.



Taking a picture x 3.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian: Another “two-fer” as they are avid iPhone users with Kim recently showing off her figure in a tight bikini thanks to the photo capabilities of her iPhone. Kanye also keeps his iPhone close by as well, frequently being photographed talking to his friends and family on this device.


Miley Cyrus – When she’s not shocking the world, Miley is posting new photos or creating tweets with her iPhone. In fact, her iPhone is arguably one reason why she has stayed in the news to support her new found fame.


Jimmy Fallon – The new host of the Tonight Show is also a big iPhone fan as well. In fact, he recently joked on Twitter, “There’s a new iPhone app that breaks up with your significant other. It’s called ‘Words with Let’s Just Be Friends.”


Lindsay Lohan – Although her recent troubles have garnered more news than her movies, Lindsay is also a well known iPhone fan as well.


Top 10 Celebrity Samsung Galaxy S Users


ellen oscar selfie

Bradley Cooper is excited to have friends.

Ellen Degeneres – Yes, she is also a very famous customer of Samsung Galaxy series as well. After all, it was a Samsung smartphone that took the most retweeted selfie in history at the last Oscar ceremony. Samsung actually just sponsored the Oscar selfie as Ellen still has her iPhone, but it was close enough.


Ewan McGregor – The star of the recent Star Wars trilogy is also a well known user of Samsung smartphones as well.


Jay-Z & Beyonce – Arguably one of the biggest music stars in the world, rapper Jay-Z has also built a powerful brand that has branched out to the fashion world and beyond. Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce are well known fans of the Samsung for their smartphone needs.

martha stewart and jay-z galaxy phone

Martha Stewart and Jay-Z using the Galaxy S phone in the afterlife.

Martha Stewart – Still one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet, Martha is also a proud owner of a Samsung.


LeBron James – The most popular basketball player since Michael Jordan, LeBron is also an avid Samsung smartphone user as well. While a spokesperson for Samsung as well, LeBron is certainly one of the most recognizable stars to use this brand.


Evan Rachel Wood – One of the hottest actresses today, Even Rachel Wood has also been photographed on the set of her latest films using a Samsung.


Nicole Sherzinger Cord Phone

Nicole Sherzinger uses a cord phone after losing her Galaxy S.

Nicole Scherzinger – Recording artist who also uses a Samsung as well representing the new wave of smartphone users who prefer this brand.


The Saturdays – This British/Irish all-girl group has certainly made its mark as well while also being known for using Samsung as their smartphone of choice.


David Ferrer – This Spanish tennis star got into a little hot water with Samsung when he tweeted its praises from his iPhone. Still, he officially uses a Samsung it seems.


All in all, the celebrities who use either iPhone or Samsung are often sponsored to do so, much like golfers use clubs and golf balls from particular brands as well. The power of celebrity when it comes to product promotion is certainly potent and whatever these celebrities personal preference may really be, it does come down to if they have a sponsorship or not.

Still, we will no doubt see more Samsung and iPhones being used by celebrities as long as they take photos of themselves or the paparazzi is present.

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