Top 10 iPhone 5s Protective Cases on the Market

Your iPhone represents a valuable investment that does more than just provide phone and internet services. For many, the iPhone 5 is the center of organizing their daily lives which means that protecting this device from damage is paramount for many people.


While the iPhone 5 is a sturdy device, it is also somewhat fragile as well. The iPhone can be dented, scratched and even broken by the bumps, scrapes and drops that can happen when travelling with the phone. It is fairly easy to crack the screen and even bust open the plastic covering.


This is why having a iPhone 5 protective case is vital towards keeping your phone operational. A simple, inexpensive protective case can absorb the bumps, scrapes and drops that can occur to this device, adding years to its life and keeping you from having to repair or replace it.


When it comes to protecting your iPhone 5, having a solid case is not enough. You need effective iPhone 5 insurance to ensure that your phone is covered whether it needs repair or replacement. You simply cannot afford to be without your iPhone, so get it fully protected with iPhone insurance.


What follows are the Top 10 iPhone 5s Protective Cases on the Market. By using one of these cases, you can help protect your investment and save you time and energy in getting it repaired or replaced.


10. Lifeproof fre Series


The Lifeproof iPhone 5 case provides excellent protection from the bumps and hits that iPhones tend to take over time. The case fits tight over the iPhone and is shock, water, scratch, dirt and even snow resistant. For those who actively use their iPhones in all types of weather, the Lifeproof is one of the best cases around.


9. Elago’s S5 Glide Case


A slim, slide-on case that protects your iPhone from numerous bumps and scrapes, the advantage of this particular version is that you can change out either the top or bottom piece to create a two-toned look while still providing excellent protection. Finally, this particular case is very inexpensive compared to many others on the list, making it the perfect choice for the budget-minded.


8. Speck CandyShell Grip Case


This is the perfect case for those who have butterfingers as it provides plenty of grip thanks to the rubberized textures on the back. A hard plastic case that resists dust, scratches and drops, this is the perfect case for those on the go who tend to drop their iPhones because they are slippery. There is no slip with the Speck CandyShell Grip Case.


7. Otterbox Defender


Certainly one of the best iPhone cases on the market today, this particular case is not the most fashionable, but it does feature extra-thick protection around the vulnerable corners of your iPhone in a sleek, black case. The extra protection around all the edges also pays off as well when bumped or scraped.  Dust, dirt, scratch, drop and impact resistant, the Otterbox Defender is arguably the toughest, most durable and impact-resistant case on this list.


6. CM4 iPhone Wallet Q Card Case


This not only protects your iPhone, but stores up to three credits cards and cash as well. The lay-flat design provides maximum protection for the screen which is the most vulnerable part of the iPhone 5. Dust, dirt, scratch and impact resistant, the soft-touch finish allows for easy gripping as you pull it from your pocket as well.


5. Spigen Slim Armor Case


While not offering as much protection as some other cases on this list, the Spigen Slim Armor Case does do one interesting thing. It makes it appear that you are not using a case at all. The thin design actually mimics the features of the iPhone so that it looks like you are not using a case. Plus, it comes in different colors and has a relatively low price as well.


4. Hitcase Pro Waterproof Case


This is a unique case that offers maximum, complete protection, yet allows you to use the camera function of the iPhone 5. In addition to being dust, dirt, scratch and impact resistant, this case is also waterproof up to 10 meters. The GoPro mount compatibility is just another outstanding feature of this remarkably durable case.


3. Carved


This is a uniquely designed case that gives the appearance of being made from real wood, but it isn’t. In fact, this unique case from Carved has an elegant intricate design that mimics the best of wooden cases, but retains the protective, sleek hard plastic that offers great protection. Cool, memorable, protective and affordable, the Carved case is certainly one of the most interesting available.


2. Twelve South Book

This is certainly one of the most interesting iPhone cases on the market today. Created in the shape and feel of a small vintage book, this case adds to its considerable protection elements by making the iPhone 5 look like something else entirely which helps make it resistant to thieves as well. In addition to protecting your iPhone, this unique case can also double as a wallet with pockets for your credit cards, ID, receipts, cash and whatever else you need to carry. This is certainly one of the most remarkable cases you can buy.


1. Otterbox Commuter Series


One of the best iPhone cases on the market today, the OtterBox Commuter Series offers plenty of overall protection starting with the self-adhesive screen protection that resists scratches and scrapes while all the ports are covered to prevent dust, dirt and debris from entering. The OtterBox also offers two layers of protection to protect against drops, bumps and shocks as well. Elegantly designed to slide easily in and out of your pocket, the OtterBox Commuter Series is certainly one to take note.


These are the Top 10 iPhone 5s Protective Cases on the Market today. Each of them bring their own, unique attributes which makes each of them a great choice for protection, style and comfort in using your iPhone while on the go.

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