Smartphone Damage Caused By Slippery Hands

Don’t you just hate having things slip from your hands and through your fingers, figuratively and literally? Whether it is by accident or intended, no one would want to have their smartphone damaged, if not broken into small bits of pieces.


Everyone would know that feeling of joy whenever they get a new smartphone and use it for their lifestyle but they would also know that dreaded feeling of dropping a smartphone, not knowing if it will still work or not. Smartphone damage happens to majority of users once in a while and because of this there’s a need for protective cases. However, these cases are expensive and do not hold that appealing sophisticated look of a smartphone.


It is interesting to know the durability of smartphones. These smartphones can be very expensive that your heart skips a beat every time you get damage your smartphone, whether a scratch or a crack from dropping it.


Protect Your Bubble has done a comparative observation on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 by doing a drop test to measure the smartphones’ durability.



The test shows a user dropping both smartphones from 9 ft., 20 ft. and 30 ft. The results showed that the iPhone 5 is much more durable compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4. For all 3 tests, the S4 cracked and broken into pieces while the iPhone after being dropped at 30-feet showed significant damage. The video also presents statistics of 65% of damage claims received are due to smartphone damage caused by drops.


Start protecting your smartphones from any form of smartphone damage? Protect Your Bubble’s smartphone insurance allows you to receive a new phone in case of smartphone damages. Visit for more details.

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